OFW, pinakita ang marka ng pananakit ng amo na tinapon pa sa labas ang mga gamit niya

OFW, pinakita ang marka ng pananakit ng amo na tinapon pa sa labas ang mga gamit niya

- Binahagi ng isang OFW ang masamang karanasan niya sa kamay ng kanyang amo

- Ang masaklap, di lang amo niya ang nanakit sa kanya kundi pati ang anak na ito

- Minsang sinaktan siya ay nagmarka pa talaga ito at di na rin nirespeto manlang ang kanyang personal na gamit na basta na lamang tinapon sa labas

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Nakakalungkot isipin na dumarami na ang kwento ng karanasan ng ating mga kababayang OFW na nakararanas ng pananakit at pang-aabuso ng kanilang mga amo.

Nalaman ng KAMI na minsan di lang isang amo ang nananakit kundi pati ang anak pa nito na mas grabe pa ang nagagawa sa kanila.

Gaya na lamang ng isa nating kababayan na nagpakita pa ng ebidensya na siya talaga ay sinasaktan ng kanyang amo.

OFW, pinakita ang marka ng pananakit ng amo na tinapon pa sa labas ang mga gamit niya

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Di lang iyon, nagawa pa ng kanyang amo na itapon palabas ng kanilang bahay ang mga gamit ng OFW dahilan para humingi na siya ng saklolo.

Narito ang kabuuan ng kanyang salaysay na nakalap ng KAMI:

I started last Sept 2015 without knowing that my employer are “terminator”, I am the 7th helper trying my best to serve them with all my knowledge and expertise. But there always comes the time end up with arguing with them (explained my parts), scolding, pointed out all the mistakes and asked me to resign on my work.

Every time it’ll happened I always considered my agent and asked what should I do then. Of course, agent told me they my best to reach what they’re expecting from me, so I did. Even I’m so emotionally abused, I’ll still continued serving them. Until it happened last Wednesday May 24, their son beat me once again, and as usual, I’ll take a photos to let them know.

That night the boy had a dinner in the house of a friend, when I picked him up and said that we need to go home, the boy briefly run on me and start scratching my hands, punch my stomach,, I can’t able to stop him so I run outside the house (that time only me, the two kids and the helper in the living room).

So he followed me outside and while walking way at home, he still beating me. That exactly I told my employer but they insisted I did something wrong too, I told them ask the othet kid and helper then. And when my lady employer came back on me, saying that his son asked me to call her back before he want to go home, but I said he didn’t and still she insists. She told me to ask the mother, and I said yes much better. She added if she find out that I’m not telling the truth, I am agree that I must leave the house immediately that night. When the mother of other kid reply, I saw “maybe he did” but she told to my sir “he did”, sir start scolding me and ma’am remind me to leave immediately as soon as possible in that very moment. I stayed calm and ask permission to call my agent, and they let me. But no answered ( almost 10pm).

OFW, pinakita ang marka ng pananakit ng amo na tinapon pa sa labas ang mga gamit niya

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And when I said that no one answered, they asked to put away my phone, that time I felt I’m in danger already but i’ll stay calmed and said I can’t what if my agent return call, but they really want to put away my phone and I can’t do anything about it. They read to me the employment ordinance about how to terminate the employment between employer and employee.

I can’t understands anything that time, (shocked) so ask once again if I can call my agent, but they but yelling on me, pointed their fingers on my face. I told them if they really want me to leave not that time, and we need to go next day at my agent’s office to settle everything in proper way as how they get me before, but they’re not considered it. Instead, they said, they do whatever they want to do because I’m in their house, even they kick me out of the main door, they can do it! When I heard that, I answered them, I really need an police assistance if they will do that. They said okay, you may call police. I take my phone and try to call my agent (while they’re both yelling), open the main door, and when I saw some of my clothes thrown on the front door, I get alarmed and call 999 immediately.

While I’m engaged at the police operator, they continue scolding, shouting abs trying to get my phone with me so the police hang ups the phone and make sure they sent out the police immediately in our place. My lady employer asked me, you really want to come this far the small things happened? I answered her, you forced me to do it. Ad she’s begging to call back again the police not to come in their house, and I did even I felt unsafe, considering how worried they are at that moment. They been calmed and Mam acting like she did nothing, said nothing,, and suddenly asked me what my decision, leave tomorrow or stay, when I heard it, I answered her bravely, I finished the contract.

Being a helper it’s not easy but I need to know what’s my rights. And be true to myself, be calmed and brave, be honest and don’t fear if I am right. Above all, fear God Thank you.

Thanks a lot, may can helped this to other helper like me. Have a blessed day.

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