Ramon Tulfo pinagmura PGH doktor pagkatapos bawalan i-video paggamot sa batang nabangga ng driver niya

Ramon Tulfo pinagmura PGH doktor pagkatapos bawalan i-video paggamot sa batang nabangga ng driver niya

- Nabangga ng driver ni Ramon Tulfo ang isang bata sa Navotas

- Dinala nila ito sa PGH emergency at dahil sinabihan silang wag kunan ng video, nagalit si Mon

- Pinagmura niya ang staff ng mga "p" at "g" na mga salita, na kinailangang tumawag ng security ng PGH

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Isang bata ang nabangga ng driver ni Ramon Tulfo sa Navotas kung kaya't dinala nila ito sa Philippine General Hospital (PGH).

Nalaman ng KAMI na may privacy policy ang mga doktor at pwede silang mag-refuse na i-record ang kanilang paggamot sa pasyente.

Dahil ayaw ng doktor na i-record ang paggamot niya sa bata, sinabi niya kay Mon at sa kasama nito na kung puwede huwag i-record dahil kung tutuusin ay may privacy naman ang mga doktor pagdating dito.

Nag-insist si Mon at dahil di talaga pumayag ang doktor sa ER na si Jay Guerrero, nagsimula na siyang magmura.

Ilan sa mga binitiwan niyang salita ay mga "gago" at "pu*****."

Sabi niya sa caption ng video na sa page niya mismo pinost, "No amount of pleading from me to attend to the young patient would budge the good doctor."

Yung doktor naman ay tumawag na ng security dahil sa inasta ni Tulfo.

Umani ng batikos si Mon sa ibang mga netizens dahil hindi na aw tama ang ginawa niya na pinagmura nang ganun na lang ang doktor at mga staff.

Meron namang sumuporta sa kanya. Tingnan ang mga naging reaksyon ng mga netizens:

@Jamaica Gacrama dela Cruz: "A few points

1. Cant help but be amazed at how perfectly you contradicted yourself in this thread. Didnt you claim at one point that the incident was a life and death situation and thus, should not have been taken lightly? But in a separate reply to another comment you also stated that the child had no serious injuries. So which is the truth, Sir? Because severity assessment is the main purpose of Triage - but you opened your mouth before you could probably even Google what it meant, so...

2. This entire ruckus could've been avoided had you been patient and understanding enough to FOLLOW the necessary steps for emergency consults in PGH. Paperworks and interviews are part and parcel of the whole process, especially considering it's a public hospital. Everything has to be documented as most of the fees are shouldered by the government. If you have any questions about administrative work and bureaucracy, you can always ask your sister, who once worked in the government and is currently embroiled in a scandal involving corruption.

3. If your purpose for recording the video was to inform the public of the flaws of the healthcare system, then I'm sorry but it did not only backfire on you -- you brought down most of the country's medical personnel with you as well. And if you were truly appalled at how the institution is being run, you should have addressed your concerns to the appropriate channels - none of which include Facebook and social media.

4. You were reprimanded several times and your team was explicitly told to stop taking videos, but for the sake of wanting to appear to be the hero that you aren't, you embarassed a physician who was only doing his job, and simultaneously violated the rights of a minor. Many times, we've had to tell watchers of less fortunate patients to not take videos or pictures of employees and procedures while inside the hospital as it goes against the Data Privacy Act. If these patients and watchers, some of whom have never gotten any kind of formal education, were able to grasp the gravity of the situation, then why can't you, a presumably more educated man, follow suit?

Ultimately Sir, this video (that you posted without permission from those directly involved, by the way) was more revealing of your character than the doctor's.

Sa totoo lang, mas naka hassle pa kayo sa sistema kesa nakatulong. Wala na ngang tubig at may shortage na nang supplies, binibuwisit nyo pa mga empleyado. Nahiya naman yung mga totoong nag-aagaw buhay sa inyo kasi gusto niyo kayo ang unahin.

Good luck Sir! Congratulations on getting your five minutes of fame."

"Ganyan talaga s mga gov’t hospital.lahat matatapang,ultimo mong janitor,elevator operator.ganyan sila trumato ng mahirap."

"Sir Mon, wag nyo pong tigilan hangga't di naaalis ganyang doktor"

"Why the need to record it po ba kasi? To be shown sa show? Additional entry sa YouTube account? I'm a fan of Sir Tulfo and of the show, ang dami talagang natutulungan at legit na tulong talaga ang binibigay. Sana 'wag na isama ito sa show. Just do what you must do. Aksidente naman itong nangyari. Nakaaksidente, ipagamot. 'Wag na i-video pa."

"The hospital has a privacy policy hence the request to not record. They were implored multiple times but were only met with profane language and bullying from the old Tulfo. Tulfo wanted the Doctor to drop everything and acquiesce to HIS commands. No self-respecting medical professional will allow themselves to be made to do anything under duress. They are medical professionals that need to be allowed to do their jobs—it was a matter of principle. Video recording, as we have now learned, is always used as a weapon against another. The narrative of video can easily be manipulated and used to file a lawsuit against the doctor and PGH, essentially, whoever is videotaping controls how such video can be used. With the imminent threats coming from the old Tulfo, the doctor or PGH personnel followed hospital policy. Tulfo is very disrespectful and acts like everybody must do what he tells them even at the risk of delaying care for the victim, who, if you think about it, would not have been injured had his chauffeur was driving defensively."

Ramon Tulfo is one of the famous Tulfo brothers. He is the eldest among the siblings who made a name in the field of journalism.

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