Relative: No Solid North For Marcos

Relative: No Solid North For Marcos

While it's been widely assumed that VP bet Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. has the support of a Solid North, his relative believes otherwise.

Former senator Leticia Ramos Shahani, who is Marcos's second cousin, instead expressed her support towards Senators Grace Poe and Francis Escudero,

In a report from GMA News Online, Shahani said: "I am an Ilocano and Marcos was my second cousin—Ferdinand Marcos is my second cousin, but it does not mean that automatically, we’ll vote Marcos."

She also believes that the memory of Martial Law would urge her fellow Ilocanos not to vote for Marcos, fearing the dictatorial rule might happen again.

"We have other priorities and I think an experience under Martial Law was not good and I hope it does not come back again. And I’m sure many Ilocanos share that hope and wish that we will have no Martial Law, and that no other Ilocano will declare it again over our country."

The Solid North is composed of the Ilocos Region, Cagayan Valley, and the Cordillera Administrative Region.

However, a report from CNN Philippines in 2015 shows that the Solid North has grown scattered after the regime of Ferdinand Marcos' regime, which was the Senator's late father.





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