Bianca Gonzales-Intal gives “friendly reminder” this election season

Bianca Gonzales-Intal gives “friendly reminder” this election season

In a series of tweets, Bianca Gonzales-Intal gives her followers a “friendly reminder” this election season.

This 2016 elections season has become stressful for many people because of all the negative posts and bashing that people have been doing to anyone who oppose them. Bianca Gonzales-Intal has been very vocal about politics on her Twitter account and she also devotes time to remind her followers to be civilized when it comes to talking to netizens about differences in opinion.

With the elections nearing, Bianca Gonzales shares more advice to every registered voter. With her first tweet, Bianca asks for everyone to give respect, “Di ko gets why some people attack others as bobo/tuta dahil lang ibang Presidente iboboto nila. Eh iba iba tayo ng gusto. Lahat ISANG boto.” (I don’t get why some people attach others as stupid/puppy because they’re voting for a different president. We all have different likes. Everyone has one vote.)

She also reminds her followers to not be blinded by the candidates’ slogans and taglines. Her “Friendly reminder: Wag literal ang pag-intindi sa salitang "pagbabago", "puso", "disente." Tag lines yan. Lahat ng kandidato meron niyan.” (Friendly reminder: Don’t take these words literally: change, heart, and decent. They’re all taglines. Every candidate has those.)

Bianca also agreed with Vice Presidential candidate of Liberal Party, Leni Robredo in hoping that all these bashing and negativity ends on Monday.

She added: “Just because para sayo best choice ang Presidentiable mo, that doesn't make someone with a different President bobo/tuta/bayaran/walang alam.” (Just because in your opinion, your choice of president is the best, that doesn’t make someone with a different President stupid/puppy/bribed/empty-headed.)

As of the moment, Bianca has not yet decided on whom to vote for. She said that she’s “confused at how news is unfolding day by day.. by day.”




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