Sale kasi! Mom warns about dangers of skin care product bought from online sellers

Sale kasi! Mom warns about dangers of skin care product bought from online sellers

- One mom netizen Grace Reguyal raised her complaints via her Facebook post discrediting a certain beauty product she bought online

- She revealed how a whitening soap and a night cream brought her and her son the itchiest nightmare they never would have imagined happening

- Reguyal claimed to have experienced the good effects after 7 days, but in the third week she felt something off was going on

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A mom netizen by the name of Grace Reguyal revealed the horrible effects of a skin care set she bought online after her friend recommended her earlier this year to purchase the set because of sale prices from the seller.

KAMI learned that the online seller was only one of the many online sellers of beauty products with their own Facebook groups that sells the products Grace applied on her face and other sensitive parts of her skin.

According to her experience, her friend recommended her a product that will whiten her skin after 7 days, or perhaps certain lightening effects would be seen immediately after a week.

Not only because of the claimed effects was she interested in the set but as well as because of its 50% discount. Reasonably, any person would really be eager to buy a whitening soap and a night cream at just half the price.

After Grace got the products with her, she religiously followed the instructions of the online seller. She used the whitening soap to lighten her skin, this was during every bathing time. Before sleeping, Reguyal applied the night cream on her face and armpits.

This habitual use became almost normal to her until the third week of her skin application. Grace noticed that something was off on her skin. Looking in the mirror, she noticed some little red spots that are becoming on her neck.

Not long after she saw the little red spots, bigger and redder rashes erupted on her neck and shoulders. Her face was no exception, she also got them on both sides.

The side effects on her wasn't the only thing that caused her to panic. Reguyal also noticed that her 2-year-old son was affected by what she was using on her body and face. Her baby boy experienced extreme itchiness, which greatly affected his sleep.

Due to the bothersome and their bodies' retaliation toward the chemical contents of the skin care products, she decided to seek medical help.

She and son went to the doctor who said to them that they were the fifth seek help having the same case with the same product. The doctor prescribed an antihistamine to stop the allergy from worsening and a itch cream to halt it from regressing.

After continuous medication, she and her son are back to their normal skin conditions. Afterward, she posted her horrifying experience online to make people aware of the aftereffects of the skin care products.

Additionally, it was also later found out that the products did not undergo FDA inspection for harmful chemical and approval if it was safe for human consumption. The products, according to the tests, contain high mercury content.

High mercury content in cosmetic products could lead to skin asthma, rashes, discoloration, and skin wounds. See her full post below:

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