Pinay na laman ng mga 'dating sites', muntik nang sumuko nang biglang naka-jackpot sa Tinder

Pinay na laman ng mga 'dating sites', muntik nang sumuko nang biglang naka-jackpot sa Tinder

- Binahagi ni Mariel Grace Binongcol kung paano niya nahanap ang kanyang 'forever' sa dating site na Tinder

- Aminado si Mariel na susuko na sana siya sa paghahanap ng perfect match niya nang dumating ang ngayong Mister na niya

- Agad naman silang nag-click at ito raw ang tumupad sa lahat ng pinapangarap niya

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Sinong mag-aakala na si lang pala sa lotto nakaka-jackpot kundi maging sa isang dating site din na kung tawagin ay Tinder.

Gaya na lamang ng napaka-swerteng si Mariel Grace Binongcol kung saan aminadong laman ng iba't ibang dating sites.

Susuko na raw sana si Mariel nang biglang dumating sa buhay niya ang isang lalaking taga Poland na nakilala niya sa Tinder, si Dominik.

Pinay na laman ng mga 'dating sites', muntik nang sumuko nang biglang naka-jackpot sa Tinder


'Precious gift from Tinder' ang tawag ni Mariel sa ngayo'y asawa na niyang si Dominik.

Nang pumunta raw ito sa Pilipinas, agad silang nag-click na para bang matagal na silang magkakilala.

mabilis man daw ang mga pangyayari ngunit ramdam nila sa isa't isa ang tunay na pagmamahal na tila ba pinag-adya talaga ng tadhana na magkit at magkasama sila habang buhay.

Narito ang kabuuan ng kwento ni Mariel:

A precious gift from Tinder, my Dominik my husband

From Sender Mariel Grace Binongcol

There are so many people asking me ,where did You meet your husband ? How long have u been together ? What’s your love story ? My friends are so curious about it ,

So here it is...

Before i meet my husband i was an active member of dating site , like date in Asia , pinalove , etc, but i don’t have any luck from it . Until one day i just told my sister im so tired looking for the perfect one . All i want is a nice guy who would take care of me , respect me and love me No matter what .

May 2016 when i was playing Tinder and someone caught my attention , i just swipe right and see if we will be match . Suddenly this guy also swipe right , and were match . Its he’s first time in Philippines and he want to explore it , he has 2 weeks vacation to see Philippines May 10 2016 when I invited him to explore Kawasan Falls with me ,will he said why not .

Pinay na laman ng mga 'dating sites', muntik nang sumuko nang biglang naka-jackpot sa Tinder

source: supplied

We went there and enjoy our time being together , we talk like we know each other for years , we have a lot of common , i never been with a guy like him who is so sweet and gentleman . When we come back to Cebu he ask me to come and explore with him on some cool island like Bohol . Well offcourse i said Yes , i can give him a tour . We went to Oslob,and Bohol , this time we know each other more . When we are in Bohol he ask me if it’s Ok if I go with him in Manila ,

I thought it’s just another vacation that’s why i said Yes . I didn’t know he is planning to stay with me here for the rest of the year . He rented a condo and decided to live with me and leave Poland just to get to know me more . Offcourse im so happy because i would not experience LDR , during that time i really fall in love with him . This is a very big decision that he made ,

When we are in Manila everything was fine , we enjoy each other company , like other couples we also face trials but we manage it all because my husband is the most bravest and clever guy i know .

Pinay na laman ng mga 'dating sites', muntik nang sumuko nang biglang naka-jackpot sa Tinder

source: supplied

One day he decided to bring me to Poland . We fix all the papers and on December 2016 my visa is fix for just 9 days . Im so excited because we will celebrate Christmas in Poland and my birthday . When we arrive in Poland , snow welcome me Haha it’s a dream come true . He’s parents and siblings welcome me in there homes with warm hugs . They are the most nicest people ive ever known , they treat me like there own family . I enjoy every single day in Poland .

On February 2017 my husband bring me to Paris , it’s one of dream not just Paris but also disneyland . Ive never been so happy in my life . He really grant all of my wishes he’s like my genie Haha . March 2017 when we come back to Philippines we stay in Cebu and Dumaguete . My husband likes to explore that’s why we change places . May 10 2017 when he propose to me .

This is the day that we meet , and it’s official we are in relationship. He propose to me on a Cave under the waterfall in Siquijor . I was screaming because i didn’t expect it .

June 10, 2017 when we go to mindanao to have our Tribal wedding .It was a very nice experience, now we are finally blessed with my parents. When we come back to Cebu we started planning our civil wedding and beach wedding .

August 7 2017 .When we get married every member of my family was there , because of this special day my family was complete , Thanks to my dear husband . He’s the reason we are united again .

This is the most memorable day of my life . Marrying the person i love the most . This is every Womans dream , and my husband give this kind of wedding to me . Im so lucky to have him .

After the wedding we went to Poland to spend Christmas and to prepare for our church wedding this April 2018 .

Im so excited for it . I can finally meet the rest of his family and friends . Im so blessed to have a very good husband and family .

Together we will explore the world in the future . Dominik is the most precious gift ive received i love him so much.

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