Gigil-worthy celebrity babies born in 2018!

Gigil-worthy celebrity babies born in 2018!

Head on to Instagram and you will see loads of adorable and cute babies born this 2018. We cannot help but gush over these cute little angels as we see them smile and show off their personalities. We wish to squeeze their chubby little cheeks but it will be a virtual gigil for now.

It has only been half of the year, this 2018, but we started noticing a bunch of celebrity babies who are starting to steal the hearts of many netizens. Thus, we compiled the cutest babies born this year, so far:

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Michaela and Daniel Aguilar are twins of Jerika Ejercito born on January 18. Both of them are really charming!

Maria Francine O' Brien is the second child of comedian Pokwang (Marietta Subong) who was also born last January 18.

Adalyn Riley Macam, daughter of Alyanna Martinez and Roy Macam, was born on January 19 through unmedicated water birth.

Pancho Gerardo Bacarro is the cute baby of Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro. He was born last February 8 with twin Luna Isabel but sadly did not make it. The couple is making sure that they spend the best of their days with him.

Kai Gutierrez was born on March 21 to Sarah Lahbati as she was on her 37th week.

Isabelle Daza's son was born last March 31. No name has been mentioned by the couple, Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat, but Liz Uy might have slipped on one of her comments and mentioned the baby's name as baby Kanye.

Astrid Nicola Laurel Filart is the second child of lifestyle blogger, Patty Laurel. She was born last April 3 and has been winning the hearts of Patty's followers.

Lana Athena De Vera was born last April 12. JC De Vera did not disclose the name of her non-showbiz girlfriend at first but later on introduced Rikkah Alyssa Cruz.

Vika Anaya Escueta is the second child of Jolina Magdangal. She was born last May 28 via C-section due to a delicate pregnancy.

Alexis Severina Uytingco was born last June 25 via lotus birth which means that she will continue to be attached to her placenta until it dries up. Her mother, Jennica Garcia Uytingco, even made a smoothie out of it.

Francesca Michelle Yap was born last June 27 to Italian mother Michela Cazzola and father, James Yap. We look forward to seeing a more close-up photo of their baby.

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