Regine Velasquez speaks up on ‘nose job’ controversy

Regine Velasquez speaks up on ‘nose job’ controversy

The Asia’s songbird confirmed that she had a ‘nose job’ in a video she posted on her Instagram account. But it’s just not the kind that you’d expect.

While plastic surgery does wonders on making a person aesthetically attractive, many Filipinos are not seeing the beauty in it. Many criticize a person for wanting to change some unattractive part of their body to something beautiful because they see it as inauthentic and fake.

A lot of Philippine celebrities have also been rumored to have surgery done on some of their body parts. Bashers and haters have convoluted these remarks to put down these celebrities. Most of the time they don’t reply to these allegations to not make a fuss about it if it were indeed true. They just constantly deny that they’ve had work done.

Regine Velasquez have been fed up with all these rumors that she decided to confirm these allegations against her and to shut her haters down once and for all. She addressed it in a video that she posted yesterday on Instagram. In the video, an unseen person asked her this question: “Miss Reg, nagpagawa daw kayo ng ilong?” (Miss Reg, they said you’ve had your nose operated?)

To which the singer replied with, “You are so right. Ayan, o, pinatanggal ko na para wala nang tsismis.” (You are so right. There, I even had my nose removed so there won’t be gossip anymore.) She even captioned the video with “#RegineRetokada.”

“The Poor Senorita” actress earned a lot of praises from her fans and followers alike on Instagram for addressing this issue in a light and funny manner. They commented that they loved that she chose to do humor instead of making the nose job controversy into a big issue.

What did you think of Regine Velaquez’s video reply to her bashers?

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