WATCH: Sen. Tito Sotto no longer against RH law

WATCH: Sen. Tito Sotto no longer against RH law

In an interview with Karen Davila on Headstart, Senator Tito Sotto was asked about a wide range of topics, from the money laundering issue with Bangladesh to transnational drug trafficking.

The interview revealed stances that Tito Sotto took on several current issues, and is a great way to know about his platforms and plans if he makes it back into Senate. He also surprised Karen Davila and viewers nationwide when he revealed that he was no longer against the RH Law.

Here are some of the issues they discussed.

RH Law

On the issue of the missing PHP1 billion on RH Law and family commodities, Sen. Sotto strongly forwarded more intensive monitoring of the implementation of the RH Law because he believes the DOH is not doing things right.

He clarified that he was originally against the RH Bill, “but once we passed it, and we were able to remove the apprehensive prohibitions or issues there like abortion, population control, and abortifacients, it’s all for the good, especially for maternal health.”

Money-Laundering Issue

It was revealed that Sen. Sotto was very active on the money laundering issue with Bangladesh. He mentioned updating and upgrading the Anti Money Laundering Law, as well as monitoring remittance companies and casinos to prevent it from happening again.

He added that the Philippines should “exert all efforts to find it and give it back if it’s here in the Phils, or at the very least point to this or show the original owners.”

Economic Charter Change

When Davila asked the senator if the Philippines was ready for economic charter change and/or constitutional amendments for more investments, he said that while he strongly disapproved of charter change, he was open to amending the Constitution if the amendments would be specific.

He added that in line with this, he supports the budget reform advocacy because it would solve a lot of problems the country faces, such as mendicancy and traffic, by spreading the wealth around and making rural areas attractive and lucrative for people as well.

Drug Trafficking

He stated that drug trafficking required a holistic approach, since “it is the only crime where the criminal is a victim and the victim is a criminal.” He aimed to clarify and strengthen certain provisions.

In order to discourage foreigners from drug trafficking in the Philippines, Sen. Sotto proposed strengthening international linkages with associations, groups and countries so as to mitigate any violations of international law that could have happened if the Philippines decided to face it alone.

Ambitions for higher office?

Sen. Sotto revealed that he had no ambitions nor plans to run for higher office. He explained that he felt he made a bigger impact as a senator, and did not want to “cause a headache” for his family and for himself in running for higher positions.


On the topic of elections, the senator acknowledged that the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is leading. However, he pointed out that voters have a tendency to suddenly switch sides on the day of election, and still has hope for his presidential bet and family friend, Sen. Grace Poe

He noted, with a bit of humor, how the elections seem more driven than ever before, and that this time around, “the mud came in late.”

He advised voters to vote the way one falls in love: to use their hearts and minds in choosing their candidate.

Finally, Davila asked Sen. Sotto why voters should choose him. This was his answer:

“Because they can trust me. The votes that they gave me before, I kept it. I worked hard. I was never absent never late. I always work for the protection of the Filipino family. Most of my bills are focused on the protection of the family. I hope to continue some of my unfinished work and I hope that my countrymen can support me.”



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