Sobrang ineenjoy ang motherhood! Mikee Cojuanco loves having sons

Sobrang ineenjoy ang motherhood! Mikee Cojuanco loves having sons

- Mikee Cojuanco-Jaworski shares her realizations as a mother

- She also shared her reason for not returning to showbiz

- According to her, her boys would always need her just like she felt with her parents

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Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski is a proud mother of three handsome young men. Their eldest is Robbie, 18, follwed by Raf, 16, and Renzo who is 10 years old.

With the time she spent with taking care of her family, she probably has become somewhat of an expert on raising boys but she sees herself still in the process of learning.

“I’m far from being on the right path all the time, but I know that we do our best,” she said in an interview with

“I’m sure when I had a son, I didn’t know how to raise one.

“But I guess you have that instinct and you have that guidance around you.

“We have our faith, and that’s the biggest factor that leads us on what we do and how we do things.”

The 44 year-old celebrity mom grew up with four sisters which leaves her with no guide on how to raise boys.

“I know I have sons because God knows that I wouldn’t know what to do with a daughter.

“You know what, lumaki ako na I didn’t need to have a fashion sense kasi lahat ng mga damit ko galing sa mom ko, galing sa mga ate ko.

“Kapag sinabi nila, ‘Suotin mo ito,’ susuotin ko lang.

“So, it was never something I had to put a lot of attention to.

“So, if I have to go to a store and buy something for my daughter, I think I’d be a little bit lost!

She thinks she would need the advises of her sisters then.

“Siguro, kailangan ko mas kulitan pa mga sisters ko for advice pagdating sa [pag-raise sa mga girls.]”

Mikee used to think that she would probably go back to her career as actress, singer or equestrienne when the right time comes. As she took care of her sons and as they grow up, she realized something about motherhood.

“You know, when they were younger, I used to say, ‘No, kapag malaki na sila, puwede na mag-compete ulit internationally.

“‘Kapag ganitong age na sila, puwede na ako magbalik sa ganito, sa ganyan.’

“But every new stage for them is a new challenge that the parent has to be there for.

According to her she realized her sons would always need her.

“Seeing my sons growing up, I realize that… any person will always need their parents.

“I know I do.

“I’m in my forties, and I know that my parents still play a very important role in my life.”

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