Binata na talaga! Joshua Aquino's transformation into a hunk wows netizens

Binata na talaga! Joshua Aquino's transformation into a hunk wows netizens

- Kris Aquino is a hands-on and proud mom of his two boys

- Joshua Aquino is Kris and Philip Salvador's son

- Kris's first born is now more fit and good looking young man

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Kris Aquino and Phillip Salvador's son Josh Aquino is now a hunk. From the chubby boy, Joshua has transformed into a fit and leaner young man.

In her Instagram posts, Kris shared pictures of her two sons and netizens could not help but notice how Josh changed a lot.

The YouTube Channel ‘SHOWBIZNEST VIDEO’ shared a video of Bok Santos helping a lot of celebrities including Josh Aquino in their fitness training.

Narito ang ilan sa reaksiyon ng mga netizens sa video na ito.

You know people we might be politically separated as a nation coz we have our own political party in mind that we want to support. I personally wanted Miriam or Digong to be our president coz the Yellow Ribbon party is already p!ssing me off, not just me but I know a lot of people in this nation but let's not forget how to become a human. Josh has nothing to do with these political strategies his uncle did to make things worse for the Philippine governance during PNoy's term. Remember that this kiddo has a special condition. We should learn to be kind to people who have not done us wrong. Kung yung anak nyong may condition na ganyan kay Josh and mababash, would you feel good? The reason why this country doesn't grow is mainly because of Filipino mentality. A lot of negativity can be seen in this nation and one of them is bashing through the Worldwide Web.

I admire Kris for being the best MOM to her Sons....... and motivating Josh to be the better him today..... I do hope People find this Inspiring....and Think before they speak/post something good or bad....

Pinoy bashers at its finest!!!!!!! Pati si josh na walang kamalay malay dndamay niyo! Shame on you guys! If you have problem with his uncle or mom then so be it by all means tirahin niyo sila but please spare the person with special needs from your harsh attitude. Napaka gago niyo lang!! Ibang klase tlaga mga pinoy!��

yung mga nag bad comment dito butok ba kayo sa buho wala ba kayong pamilya dapat nga matuwa kayo sa improvement ni josh mula bata pa yan alam na ng lahat at very proud ang family niya sa kanya so, di nila kailangan ang opinyon ng kahit sino tandaan ninyo family is family at wag ninyo gawin sa kapwa ninyo ang ayaw ninyong gawin sa inyo...go go go josh

josh is a special so please respect him at least hindi na sya obese and he looks a good looking man so stop the hate inaano ba kyo nung tao.

Grabe sila. He may be an Aquino but I love Josh just how I adore my students with autism. They are far more enjoyable to be with mind you. They teach and remind you that simple things aren't meant to be made complicated. Kaechosan niyo walang maiitutulong.

Good for you Josh keep it up. God bless you

Grabe ang transformation ni Josh nakakainspire,keep it up Josh...sarap kaya sa pakiramdam na pumapayat ka,wooo sarap mag excersize.

Wow he looks amazing & its really good for him, it will help him to reduce the symptoms, support his development & learning so he can live as normal as it can be...

Kris Aquino is an actress and talk show host was dubbed the “Queen of All Media.” She hosted talk shows and game shows on her home network, ABS-CBN and has also starred in various movies and selected TV series.

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