Nakakabilib ang tatag niya! Wendy Valdez shares her heartwarming journey with her son who has spina bifida

Nakakabilib ang tatag niya! Wendy Valdez shares her heartwarming journey with her son who has spina bifida

- Wendy Valdez shared an update about his son who has a rare condition

- The former PBB housemate wrote 4 lengthy post about the sacrifices and hardships their family did for her son Seth

- Wendy inspired a lot of netizens who have read her amazing journey with her son

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Former PBB housemate Wendy Valdez shared an update about the condition of her son with spina bifida.

KAMI learned that Wendy wrote 4 lengthy instagram post that really inspired her netizens.

On her first 2 instagram post dated April 13, she shared how she almost broke down upon knowing that her son Seth has to wear a pavlik harness for months because of hip dysplasia.

Wendy explained, “It's a condition of the hip where the bone connected to the hip is not fully developed. He had this since he was born. If not corrected, his right leg which has the dislocated hip, would continue to shorten,”

Aside from that, Seth has also mild hydrocephalus which is also a side effect of spina bifida.

Another thing that added to her frustration was the schedule of the two different doctors for her child.

The one for Seth's hip was scheduled late in the evening while the one for his head was early in the morning.

With these so many things happening to her son, Wendy started to question God.

"I cried to the Lord for answers. I cried to the Lord for my heartaches. I had to accept the fact that sometimes, He doesn't heal, and yet He is still completely powerful, in control, is good, and that He loves us. I was so broken." she narrated.

But then, they still continue to do the check ups, all the medical advices, and also, she continued to pray.

Months after the continuously doing Seth's routine, his condition gets worse.

“After a few weeks on the brace, we found out through his regular xrays, that it wasn't holding the hip at all. There was no support on the waist, so it continues to fall off with a slight movement of the right leg. I would not want naman for his right leg to be immobile, just so the hip would connect properly.” Wendy shared.

But Wendy did not bother and still have faith in the whole process.

Her husband, family and friends have been very supportive to her and especially to Seth.

Seth's 9th month has a totally different story. They now have a positive results and Seth is improving.

“For how many weeks, all we heard was his head was getting larger, but that day was different. God answered my prayers differently this time,” Wendy said.

Meanwhile, netizens admire how Wendy was able to handle those kind of situations.

They posted heartwarming messages for Wendy and Seth and they also admit that they were truly inspired by the amazing journey of the mother and child.

"My heart is full! praying for you Sethy; youre so blessed to have such faithful parents who are equally blessed to have you as well."

"God made you an instrument to spread His words and reach out to those who are losing their faith in Him"

"While reading all your updates, I was teary-eyed. May God bless your son with strength and sana maging ok na yung other body developments nya. Stay strong, God bless your family. It was inspiring."

"I salute you for being the bravest mom amazing to have such a strong faith in God. May the good Lord give you all the strength & wisdom that you need, praying for Seth’s healing. You are doing a great job & Sethy is lucky to have you as a mother."

It was June of last year when Wendy shared that her newborn Seth has to undergo operation because of the cyst seen on his spine.

The operation was successful, however months after, they found out Seth's condition.

Seth is supposed to be the second child of Wendy and Normann Garcia since Wendy had miscarriage with their first child.


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