WATCH: Atty. Panelo on Duterte’s “birthday gifts”

WATCH: Atty. Panelo on Duterte’s “birthday gifts”

Atty. Salvador Panelo, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s counsel, recently wrapped up an interview with Karen Davila on Headstart.

 In the brief 5-minute video clip, Atty. Panelo presented and defended new perspectives from Duterte on the bank accounts issue.

A rough transcript of how the interview went is provided below:

Karen Davila: “Are we expecting Mayor Duterte to indulge his detractors on this particular accusation?”

Atty. Panelo: “Yeah, he’s been indulging, playful, teasing. It’s a funny thing, when he said I have a little less than 211 million then everybody says ah, he must have 210, 209, and I told them it could also mean he only has 1000! That’s less than 211 million.”

KD: “How much did he have? Was it 17k or 27k..?”

AP: “Yes, I have the document. It says 7,666, I think…here.”

KD: “Okay, so this is the document of the actual balance, but how did you get this if the bank didn’t want to issue a certification yet? This is from…?”

AP: “This is for an earlier request.”

KD: “Alright. So this is 7,666. This is an earlier request dated…there is no date here. Alright. And then apparently they said it reached 27,000 because of the donations worth 10k when people found out about the account is that true? Because it was released –“

AP: “Actually one presidential candidate I think deposited and I think another one also deposited just to find out if there is an account or not but actually I think naawa sila kay Duterte kaya nagdedeposit sila (I think they pitied Duterte, that’s why they deposited.)”

KD: “Duterte has gone as far as admitting that he has accepted gifts from Pastor Quiboloy –“

AP: “There’s nothing wrong with accepting birthday gifts!”

KD: “That’s what I wanted to ask you. According to Secretary Mar Roxas, he said that they are not allowed to accept -“

AP: “Of course not. In the first place, Quiboloy is not even transacting with the government. It is a birthday, and the gift depends on capacity of giver – kung pulubi ka lang, syempre, pera, malaki na bagay yun. (If you are just a beggar, of course, money, that’s already a big thing.) But if you are a billionaire, you will give big gifts. Nothing wrong with receiving gifts during occasions.”

KD: “So I think with a few days to go before elections some people have called Duterte the Teflon candidate’ – nothing seems to stick. First there was the pope joke, then rape joke - I mean, the trajectory and numbers just keep rising, and now the bank account. At least 2 or 3 days of the survey captured the bank account issue on the news and he remains at 33%, the second contender being 11 points away. At least, this is in the pulse Asia survey. What do you account for this kind of success?”

AP: “Duterte is an authentic person. He is a genuine person and what he says reflects what an ordinary people feel and wants to say and wants to cruse against government, against criminality, against drugs, against everything that is illegal everything that is bad. Kaya nag reresonate ng mga sabi ni Duterte (The reason why the things Duterte say resonate) is because they find themselves in him and he becomes the political messiah that everybody is looking for. I told you the last time I appeared here, he has a date with destiny and an appointment with history. There is no way in which the irreversible trend of a landslide win can be stopped.”

KD: “Alright, additional questions coming in just very quickly sir. What about Duterte’s donor account? What is the balance of that?”

AP: “Idk but I heard him saying that I only have 5k dollars. But you know having a dollar account is an ordinary thing. You have a dollar account, I have a dollar account, everyone who travels has a dollar account.”

KD: “Alright. Does Duterte have other sources of income?”

AP: “Of course. The wife has a business. Pero, you know, why, ay si Duterte naman ordinaryong mayor lamang eh kailangan namang extra income. At yung mama ng kanyang anak, may karnehan may ganito may ganyan so meron din pera. (Duterte is an ordinary mayor, and so he needs extra income. His mom and his child, they have a meat shop, and a bit of this and that, so they can also have some money.)”

KD: “Atty. Sal, a few minutes to go the biggest contention itself what you’re pointing at is these alleged bank transaction documents itself.”

AP: “Yes.

KD: “Because it was carried by the media, it was in the headlines, it comes out in detail –“

AP: “And then they asked me about the other accounts. You know, I’m confining myself to one account you know why because if Trillanes lying in this transaction this document he will be lying about all the accounts. Under the law the principle is you lie in one you lie in all. Alam mo galit na galit si Trillanes sabi niya ipapa disbar kita, sisinungaling ka - ang bilis naman ng sagot ko sa kanya: do your worst, and I’ll do my best. (You know, Trillanes was really angry, he kept saying he would have me disbarred because I was lying – I just have a very quick answer for him: do your worst, and I’ll do my best.”




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