Nawindang ang mga Italyano! Sweet-style Jollibee spaghetti shocks pasta-loving Italians

Nawindang ang mga Italyano! Sweet-style Jollibee spaghetti shocks pasta-loving Italians

- Jollibee opened its very first store in Europe last March 18

- Thousands of Filipinos lined up during the opening of Jollibee Milan

- Some Italians, however, did not like the Filipino take on the spaghetti

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Whenever a Jollibee branch opens for the first time in a foreign city or country, Filipinos excitedly flock there in droves just to have a taste of home.

It is a given, and comes as no surprise to Filipinos, that thousands of our kababayans lined up at the opening of the first Jollibee in Italy.

The fastfood giant is synonymous to home, especially for overseas Filipino workers.

The cold weather could not stop Filipinos from satisfying their cravings for Chickenjoy, Yumburger, or Jollispaghetti.

However, Italy may not be fully ready to embrace the happy bee.

According to an article by ABS-CBN Lifestyle, Italy - the home and origin of pasta - had some demeaning comments about the Filipino-style spaghetti.

ABS-CBN was reporting about an article published online by MilanoToday.

Some Italian commenters reacting to the article reacted to the way the fastfood makes spaghetti.

"Salsa pomodoro e wurstel? Ma va' mettici anche la mozzarella e fatti una pizza,ma da Cracco. (Tomato sauce and hotdog? Go put the mozzarella and make a pizza but from Cracco.)"

Filipinos, of course, defended the beloved fastfood chain as a matter of differences in culture and taste.

"We are proud of our culture and no offensive comment can change that," said a certain Grace Padua as quoted by ABS-CBN Lifestyle.

A law student in Milan named Gillian David said: "This is our cuisine, don't call them spaghetti if you don't want to, don't call Hawaiian pizza a pizza, but this is us, our tradition, some people may like it and other people may not."

The manager of the Milan branch, Glen Umali, is confident Italians will grow to love the fastfood too.

"I'm confident that Italians are open-minded people and they would love to try new things more than what is usual. I know they will be happy and proud that their delicacy now has a different version which is being enjoyed by Filipinos all over the world," said Glen as quoted by ABS-CBN Lifestyle.

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Jollibee was first established in 1978 with just five branches.

It now operates in Southeast Asia, Middle East, North America, and Europe.

As of the end of March 2018, Jollibee currently has locations in the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei, United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Italy.

Plans are underway to open locations in new markets such as Guam, Indonesia, Australia, United Kingdom and Japan in the coming years.

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