Tom Taus on returning to showbiz and being a dj

Tom Taus on returning to showbiz and being a dj

In an exclusive interview for (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Tom Taus shares his opinions on returning to the showbiz industry and being a full time DJ.

You may have known Tom Taus as a young child actor from the movies “Batang Z” and “Prince Cedie.” But that little cute boy is long gone; Prince Cedie has now become Prince Hottie. This hot hunk was seen in #Laboracay during the Nestea’s Love the Beach event pumping up the crowd as an internationally known music DJ.

DJ Tommy was interviewed during that event and was asked if he misses the showbiz life. He answered that he loves what he’s doing right now but “I mean sometimes I think about it, that would be cool to have a role, or dress up like that or you know play the part, but I love what I do so much right now.” He added, “Siyempre kapag nag-eenjoy ka sa ginagawa mo, hindi mo na iisipin yung mga bagay na yun, eh.” (Of course if you’re enjoy what you’re doing, you won’t be able to think of those things anymore.

When asked if he plans to return to the industry, he swiftly replied with, “No, ayaw ko na.” (No, I don’t want anymore.) “To get back in the showbiz world, I don’t know. I’m really into deejaying na. I’m a DJ now and I’ve been doing it for ten years now. Most people, they like it, but I’m the person that I like the DJ industry. Showbiz it’s not for me anymore, that’s the thing. It’s a different industry and I don’t know, eh. I love music that’s the thing that made music enjoyable for me,” Tom elaborated.

Tom seems to be really passionate about music and being a DJ. He describes his new life as a music DJ, “It’s pretty much what I do every day. If I’m not in event or touring, I am at home in my studio working on a music. Music related or DJ related, I love doing it. I don’t mind working, for me, it’s not work. It’s exciting and I love the live performance aspect of it, totally the opposite of acting…”

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