7 Filipina celebrities who experienced body shaming

7 Filipina celebrities who experienced body shaming

Body shaming has unfortunately become common on social media. Even famous celebrities have become victims of body shamers.

KAMI learned from GMA Entertainment about these Pinay stars who experienced body shaming.

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1. Jessy Mendiola

Despite being number one once in the FHM list, the Kapamilya star has experienced being called “fat.”

"My body may not be perfect but that will not stop me from being confident with myself. I've had my fair share of body shaming comments.

“So I know how it feels like to be called ‘FAT’ or ‘TUMABA.’

“Well, just to inform some of you ‘PERFECT’ people, we all come in different sizes and shapes but that shouldn't stop us from being happy with our own bodies."

2. Kris Bernal

The Kapuso actress has been accused of undergoing cosmetic surgeries in order to enhance both her face and her body figure.

Kris had this to say about body shaming: “I feel good about myself and focus on the fun and not on any body insecurities I might have."

3. Sarah Lahbati

Sarah has been body-shamed on social media despite being pregnant with her second child.

“Respect pregnant women and think before you judge or open your mouth,” she advised.

4. Jasmine Curtis

Anne Curtis’ sister has expressed her frustration over the body shamers who slammed her weight loss and accuse her of being anorexic.

She explained that her weight loss was caused by being busy both with her career and with house chores.

"Hi all! Yep, I lost quite some weight recently, nothing to be concerned about. That's what happens when you're all around at home, at work, and at life. And I've been eating fairly clean lately,” she explained.

5. Sharon Cuneta

The Megastar recently shared her weight loss journey, stating that she experienced being criticized for gaining a lot of weight throughout the years.

"Well, it's taken discipline and willpower and constantly thinking of bigger things I could achieve without the extra, unhealthy body weight. Also, I developed a casual, nonchalant attitude towards haters,” Sharon said.

6. Kylie Padilla

Like many mothers out there, Kylie also gained some weight after giving birth. She responded to netizens who shamed her for her weight gain.

“There is no sin in being confident no matter what size, shape, color even race you are. Don't let people shame you,” Robin Padilla’s daughter wrote.

7. Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla

Mariel decided to gain weight after giving birth to baby Isabella so that her milk supply would increase.

“I have been so reluctant in posting photos of me because lately I have not been comfortable with my weight

"But God willing after I breastfeed I will be back to my tip top shape. Again, thank you. Btw, this is my real hair na no extensions I didn't realize it was this long na pala,” the first-time mom revealed.

KAMI wants to remind you never to judge others, especially based on their physical appearance!

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