Ginunita ang araw ng pagladlad! BB Gandanghari remembers Rustom Padilla's ninth "death anniversary"

Ginunita ang araw ng pagladlad! BB Gandanghari remembers Rustom Padilla's ninth "death anniversary"

- BB Gandanghari reminisce the day when she first came out as BB

- She announced that Rustom is dead 9 years ago

- Gandanghari also said she wanted to be recognized as a woman someday

Bebe Gandanghari formerly known as Rustom Padilla recently reminisced her ninth year of coming out to the public as she is now.

In her Instagram account she wrote, “It has been 9 yrs since, when a woman named BB declared ‘Rustom is DEAD.’

“As I enter my decade of resilience to endure all that is needed to go thru the very, an understatement, difficult process called TRANSITION, even more challenging times ahead is expected.”

BB is now based in the US and is trying her luck in the Hollywood.

According to her, she is hoping that someday, she will be recognized as a woman.

“[N]ot as a man cross dressing as a woman or as a gay man, no pun intended, but as a WOMAN, transgender I may be,” sabi ng 50-anyos na TV-and-movie personality.

“My life since January of 2009, was anything but EASY.

"It is a decade of self awakening and awareness. A decade of, without being dramatic, back breaking experiences in the physical and spiritual sense."

She also added that her faith helped her to triumph over the obstacles and trials she'd been through.

Ang kanyang pananampalataya umano ang tumulong sa kanya upang malampasan ang mahirap na pinagdaanan.

“I can honestly say also that I’m exactly where I am supposed to be.

“Peaceful and hopeful as I enter my decade of womanhood, despite the troubling hate that threatens my person even in the land of the Free and the Brave.”

Nine years ago, BB announced that Rustom is dead.

“I’m a woman so call me BB. BB Gandanghari... BB as in Binibini… Rustom is dead, Rustom is not here.”

Binibini Gandanghari (born Rustom Cariño Padilla on September 4, 1967) commonly known as BB Gandanghari, is a Filipino transgender actress, model, entertainer, comedian, and director.

She is the older sibling of actor Robin Padilla and younger sibling of Royette and Rommel Padilla, all of whom are actors. After having a showbiz career hiatus in 2001, she returned to prominence in 2006 when she joined the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition where she came out after 44 days.

In 2009, she revealed she is a transgender woman and changed her name to BB Gandanghari (sometimes spelled BeBe Gandanghari).

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