Kris Aquino shares secret history of her luxurious watch

Kris Aquino shares secret history of her luxurious watch

- Kris Aquino shared an emotional story on Instagram

- She shared the history behind the Bvlgari watch that she gave her late mother many years ago

- The actress-host revealed that she cries every time she recalls the story behind the watch

Kris Aquino posted an emotional story on social media about the history of a Bvlgari watch she gave her late mother, former President Corazon Aquino.

KAMI learned from Kris’ IG post that she gave the watch to her mom when she started earning big amounts of money.

However, what gave the watch its sentimental value was that Cory never took the watch off even while she was battling cancer.

For Kris, it became a symbol of the preciousness of time and a reminder never to give up.

“This watch was 1 of the gifts i gave my mom when i started earning okay money... I’m sure this was during the airing of prime time Game KNB, she was meticulous about keeping boxes and the warranty- and the date says October 2002.

“If you are wondering about the significance of the date, i’m 100% sure it was from a contract renewal with ABS CBN (Today w/ Kris started last quarter of 1996)... i wanted to give my Mom something to mark my success then- nothing flashy that she wouldn’t wear but something i felt had meaning & was SPECIAL.

“It was important to me to pay tribute to her because she always put me first. By no means were my faults & shortcomings overlooked- but she had the faith that i could & would be all she’d hoped & prayed i’d turn out to be. Ratings then used to come out only once a week, and every Friday i’d forward to my Mom how we did & she always congratulated me & reminded me to go to Mass to say THANK YOU.

“During the last year of her life there were only 2 pieces of jewelry she never removed, this watch, and an older Baume & Mercier watch i’d given her several years prior to this. In Makati Medical, she still wore this watch. Maybe because she knew how precious the remaining days she had left with us were...

“When i recall this, my tears flow. Our mom said she fought Stage 4 cancer because her children lost their dad instantly, by a dictator’s assassin’s gunshot. Her children deserved the time to prepare themselves to be able to let her go- regardless of how painful the operations & treatments were.

“We saw how brutal her physical suffering was, and God wanted us to see her selfless love & sacrifice for us to appreciate just how blessed we were that on January 25, 1933 Maria Corazon Cojuangco was born.

“Every time i need a reminder that weakness isn’t part of my DNA, i take out this watch from my safe & I think of my mom. And whenever i look at it, I am humbled- because i was loved unconditionally, in my totality- and i’m reminded that there was nothing she wouldn’t have done for her children & following in her footsteps as a parent is now my greatest tribute of love to my mom.”

Kris is the daughter of Cory and her husband, former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., who was assassinated when Kris was only 12 years old.

Her siblings are Maria Elena, Aurora Corazon, Benigno Simeon III and Victoria Elisa.

Benigno Simeon or Noynoy was also a former President of the country.

KAMI wants to remind the children out there to spend as much time as you can with your parents while you still have the time!

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