Nakaya niya yun? Shamcey Supsup shared her post-partum depression experience for not taking bath in a month

Nakaya niya yun? Shamcey Supsup shared her post-partum depression experience for not taking bath in a month

- Miss Universe Philippines 2011 Shamcey Supsup-Lee shared her extraordinary experience called "Ge lai" in Chinese

- Shamcey considered "Ge lai" as her post partum depression stage

- The beauty Queen is now a restaurateur with her husband, Chinese businessman Lloyd Lee

Shamcey Supsup shared one of her struggles after giving birth 2 years ago. Because she is married to a Chines businessman, Her in-laws advised her to undego 'Ge lai'.

Ga lai is a post partum healing process in chinese wherein the mother is not allowed to take a bath for a month after giving birth.

This method is believed to make the healing even faster and in the long run it will be a great help for not suffering in any aches or pains due to child birth.

In tagalog, it is simply, "iwas pasma".

Shamcey admits that she really had a hard time doing the method.

“I felt icky and I could not go out of the house for one month. But I knew it was good for me because according to my mother-in-law, those who have experienced ‘ge lai’ say their wounds healed faster. She also said it was ge lai that kept her from feeling aches and pains now that she is older.”

This really made her experience post partum depression. Another reason is that she delivered thru caesarean opeartion which she was not prepared to.

“My emergency caesarean operation contributed a lot too because I was not emotionally and physically prepared that I will be operated that way, a longer healing time, and my husband’s divided attention now that we have a baby,” she shared.

She was able to get out of depression when she got back to work.

Shamcey is now very busy helping her husband in building their restaurant empire.

“Our Pedro ‘n Coi chain is doing very well together with its fastfood counterpart Tambayan ni Pedro. Lloyd is targeting 50 restaurants in the next five years. I know it looks overwhelming and I honestly feel that sometimes I have too much on my plate running a business and taking care of my two-year-old baby girl. Nike. But when I look at the passion of my husband, I become excited more than overwhelmed. I know with my help, we both can do it.”

The beauty Queen turned restaurateur has only one two-year old baby girl, Nyke.

Shamcey got a chance to be with her fellow Miss Universe Philippines winners for a A Charity Fashion Gala held at the Solaire Ballroom December 7 of last year.

KAMI wants to remind us that there is no harm in following traditions or beliefs as long as it will help us to cope up, and have a better life.

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