Ang sweet parin! A peek into Jan Marini and Gerard Pizarras' family life

Ang sweet parin! A peek into Jan Marini and Gerard Pizarras' family life

- They first met on the set of the now-defunct teleserye "Mula sa Puso"

- Jan Marini and Gerar Pizarras got married on May 7, 2000 at the residence of QC Rep. Sonny Belmonte

- The couple got married at such a young age, Jan was 21 and Gerard was 23

Jan Marini and Gerard Pizarras first met on the set of Mula sa Puso with Claudine Barretto, Rico Yan and Diether Ocampo.

According to Jan on the first taping day, the staff - from the personal assistants to the executive producer - had only good words for Gerard.

But when Gerard finally came in to the set, Jan was not so impressed as Gerard was so thin back then. As time went by, Jan admitted that he had proven that he was up to the acting challenge and delivered the lines quite well.

They did not even talk to each other at first because Jan was a snob and Gerard was new in showbiz. Gerard did his best though to reach out to Jan.

The funny thing is they started talking to each other because of Gerard's colorful socks which he wore on purpose knowing it will catch Jan's interest.

After a month of courting, they officially became a couple.

They got engaged after three years of being in a relationship and got married in the year 2000.

According to a blog by Jan in, Gerard often drives her to work and he doesn't mind.

He is also driving their kids to school before they decided to homeschool their kids.

Jan describes him as a very, very diligent and hands-on Daddy.

Jan is an advocate of natural and organic living, a fitness enthusiast and a homeschooling mom.

She is also a blogger and an online influencer.

Jan is a Christian.

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