Ang mahal pala! How deep should one's pocket be to achieve Korina Sanchez's look?

Ang mahal pala! How deep should one's pocket be to achieve Korina Sanchez's look?

- Korina Sanchez's billboard along EDSA shocked everyone

- Her beauty is nothing like the Korina Sanchez people normally see in her shoe Rated K

- She looked so good that netizens are debating whether the picture is photoshopped or not

Korina Sanchez looks stunning and young in her new look.

Her shocking transformation is courtesy of Dra. Vicki Belo. The newscaster posted about the treatments she underwent in her Instagram account.

In a report by PEP, KAMI learned that Thermage procedure which was done to Korina is suggested to be done once every two years, and the results may last up to 24 months.

For her second procedure, Korina underwent the Embedded Protein Threads (EPT) treatment.

The treatment has tightening effects and also erases wrinkles which last 4 to 6 months.

The last procedure done to her was the Belo Vita Treatment

The last step was the Belo Vita Treatment which includes microneedling infusion of hyaluronic acid under the skin and not just on the surface.

According to PEP, Belo Themage is at least PHP100,000, the second treatment, the EPT has a minimum price of PHP15,000 which depends on how many threads are used.

In Korina's case, she had 16 times, 8 for each cheek, which roughly amount to PHP240,000.

The last is the Belo Vita treatment starts at PHP25,000+.

That sums up to a whopping amount of PHP365,000 to achieve Korina's new look.

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