Halata ba? Celebrities who look fine but admitted their true health condition

Halata ba? Celebrities who look fine but admitted their true health condition

- Showbiz people also had health issues

- Some Local celebrities revealed their illness

- They actually look fine but they are also suffering certain health conditions

In showbiz, it is a must that you always look at your best.

Even if you are feeling sick, sometime you really have to still have to look good in front of the camera.

Some of our local celebrities admitted that they have been battling with ilness. Most of them are popular people that you might not even notice what is really happening to them.

1. Baron Geisler- Bipolar

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Baron finally broke his silence and admitted that he has been dealing with bipolar disorder, which causes severe depression and mood swings.

2. Kim Chiu- Asthma

Kim grew up battling Asthma a condition characterized by a loss of breath and cough due to an airflow problem.

But Kim also revealed that from asthmatic she became athletic as she became a triathlete.

3. Zsazsa Padilla - Scoliosis

In an interview with PEP, Zsazsa shared some of her routine in the gym to correct her Scoliosis.

“I really need the Pilates because of my scoliosis, it’s to correct it.

4. Paolo Bediones- Psoriasis

Paolo posted on his Facebook July 5 of last year a revelation about his secret condition.

"I HAVE PSORIASIS. Don't worry, it's a non-communicable skin disorder. It is NOT CONTAGIOUS. It's a painful, chronic disease characterized by incessant itching and scratching. Occasional bleeding and scabbing. Reddening of the skin and flaking. It's not pretty for sure, but I have been hiding it well," he wrote in the post, which has been shared more than 1,000 times as of writing.

5. Mike Enriquez- Diabetes

The multi-awarded broadcast journalist Mike Enriquez of GMA said that being diabetic does not hinder him to perform better on his job.

6. Aiai Delas Alas-Psoriasis

Aiai disclosed that she has been suffering from Psoriasis since she was 15.

“I’ve kept it a secret for a long time, but now that it has become manageable I’ve decided to talk about it publicly so I can share what I did to more people,”

7. Gary V.- Diabetes

"I'm living a life with diabetes, but I'm not letting it stop me." Mr. Pure Energy said. He's been suffering with this condition for a long time.

Despite of their illness, these showbiz people remind us that we should easily give up on things.There are still so many reasons to keep going.

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Source: KAMI.com.gh

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