The ways Maxene Magalona honored Francis M on her wedding day

The ways Maxene Magalona honored Francis M on her wedding day

- Maxene Magalona got married on January 11

- Her father, the late rap legend Francis M, died before he can walk her down the aisle

- Maxx made sure that her dad can be with her in spirit on her special day

Weddings are always an emotional moment for fathers and daughters, especially as fathers escort their daughters down the aisle and hand them over to their husbands.

For Maxene Magalona, her wedding is missing one very important person - her dad, Francis Magalona, who died in 2009.

But Maxx made sure her father will be with her in spirit throughout her wedding.

As she walked down the aisle, she held a white and pink bouquet that has a locket attached to it. The locket held a photo of Francis M inside.

And as she approached the altar, her father's voice accompanied her as one of his hits, "Girl Be Mine", played in the background.

Tim Yap posted a video of the special moment on Instagram.

Maxx also mentioned her dad on her vows.

Her voice cracking, Maxx said she wished Francis M had met her husband, Rob Mananquil. She said her dad and Rob shared similar love and passion.

"There isn't a day that goes by when I don't wish that you have met my dad. If he were here today, I just know how much he would love you," said Maxx.

"The way you're deeply passionate about your music was how he was with his; the way you love your dog Chewy was the way he loved his chihuahua; the way you love and take care of me was the way he loved and took care of my mom and our family.

And as I stand before you in this special day, in front of family and friends, I can say without a doubt that I know that papa is happy for you and me. I can feel it in my heart and soul that he loves you for the way that you love me."

And while the trend on celebrity weddings are all about foreign locations, Maxx chose to have her wedding in the Philippines to maximize her father's presence.

ABS-CBN News interviewed Maxx about it: "I know there's been a trend na sa ibang bansa but since I still want my dad kahit papaano to be part of the wedding, and feeling ko dahil nandito siya at dito siya nakalibing, gusto ko dito talaga."

Maxene Magalona married musician Rob Mananquil in a wedding ceremony in Boracay.

Her sister Saab got married in 2015 and also used the same locket with their dad's photo.

Francis M died in 2009 due to leukemia.

He is considered the "Master Rapper" and achieved iconic status in Philippine hiphop.

He is credited for pioneering the fusion of Pinoy rock and rap.

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