Choosy pa siya! Toni Gonzaga refuses to have a movie directed by husband Paul Soriano

Choosy pa siya! Toni Gonzaga refuses to have a movie directed by husband Paul Soriano

- Toni Gonzaga does not want to have a movie directed by her husband Paul Soriano

- The Ultimate Multimedia star wants to separate her personal life from his professional life

- Toni stated other reasons why she as much as possible does not want to be directed by Paul

The new Pilipinas got Talent host Toni Gonzaga was asked if she also wants to be an actress for a movie directed by husband Paul Soriano.

"Being married to him now, both of us will say no. We can't say yes to a project that we'll be working together na he will direct me because we want to separate our personal lives,"

"We don't want to bring our personal life in the set because it's completely and totally a different world. Mahihirapan kaming ihiwalay 'yun. Well, our reason is it's still very early in our marriage. Parang mag two-two years pa lang kami eh. We don't wanna risk that na we are working on our marriage, we are strengthening it, we are focusing on Seve tapos dadalhin pa namin sa workspace," she said in an interview with Push.

"Alam mo 'yun, masyado na magulo. Mas masarap kasi na pag-uuwi kami sa bahay, alam namin pag-uusapan namin real issues, real family stuff. Whereas if we work together, pag-uwi namin, alam mo 'yun madadala namin ang trabaho. And we don't want that to happen para di kami ma-saturate sa isa't-isa. Para may something na you know, you look forward to seeing each other every time we go home. And that's an exciting part for us," she continued.

Another reason is that, her forte for movies are more on romcom which is not the plot her husband usually handles.

"Well, I don't know if he does romcoms because I love romcoms. That's what I live for. The only kinds of film I watch are romcoms. So I really love a feel-good movie. Gusto ko comedy films. Gusto ko 'yung mga romantic films. And he's slowly venturing into that," she explained.

Toni was also asked that if ever she changes her mind, what would be the possible story of that film she'll be making with Paul. She answered: "Yung mga romance. So 'yun siguro. Any love story. Nothing gory. I always tell him I cannot do horror or anything gory na pelikula. Parang di bagay sakin. Imaginin mo nandun ako sa isang horror or gory na pelikula. Parang nakakatawa. Magiging comedy," she stated.

The two tied the knot in June of 2012 after 8 years of dating.

They recently faced a controversy where Paul was rumored of having an affair with 'Siargao' star Erich Gonzales.

The issue immediately died after proving that nothing is between Direk Paul and Erich and even Toni defended the two.

KAMI believes that everyone deserves to have a privacy even celebrities like Paul and Toni.

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