'Ramdam ko na. Nanay na talaga ako' Kylie Padilla feels the overwhelming pressure as a mother

'Ramdam ko na. Nanay na talaga ako' Kylie Padilla feels the overwhelming pressure as a mother

- Kylie Padilla opens up about her struggles as a mother

- She said she might go insane since their helper left

- Netizens react over her statement

Being a mom is definitely not an easy task.

Especially for first time mothers, the shift from just taking care of yourself then all of a sudden it is not you that matters but your child, could really be overwhelming.

Just like first time mom Kylie Padilla who's feeling the pressure of being a full-time mom, which KAMI learned from Fashion Pulis.

Kylie shares her sentiments about the growing pressure and daily struggles of a mother.

She also said that she miss working and it's something that she just can't leave behind.

Read her full post:

"I am experiencing motherhood at full blast nowadays. Since our house helper decided to get married this year and leave us abruptly without any notice. I thought taking care of an infant was hard enough.

"But to add cleaning, doing laundry and finding time for your partner is going to drive me to go insane. But I am facing this head on because I feel and know there is something to learn here.

"It’s a different path but one that sets new levels of understanding and appreciation. I have never felt so overwhelmed in my life. Good thing we were trained for this kind of thing when we were younger.

"After this I can definitely say, I know what being a housewife means. What the sacrifice is, what it means to have self control and patience when you feel like everything might fall into complete chaos if you lose it.

"And you can’t because whatever your mood is everyone else’s mood follows. And it’s a difficult reality I have to deal with. Controlling my emotions was always difficult but now you, uhem.

"I have no choice. Because it’s not just about me anymore, it’s about every member of the family. Your decisions affect the family as a whole. At the end of each and everyday you appreciate people who are willing to help more, you appreciate the people in the past who give their lives in order to take care of you just the same.

"Motherhood is just an on going array of life lessons. But... the thing is. I miss working and creating and it’s something I cannot leave behind. I don’t think I could leave it forever. I will then, in fact go nuts.

"But for now, I have to be content with seeing the haggardness and busyness of all this. And accepting the fact that now there is no me. There is a family.

"Xoxo mommy Kylie. P.S. Ramdam ko na. Nanay na talaga ako."

Netizens gave their outpouring support for Kylie:

"I feel you kylie! heads up to motherhood."

"I am a fulltime mom. Ienjoy mo lang, kaya mo yan."

"You're child doesn't need a perfect mom. he needs a happy one."

"Hang on! One life is depending on you. Most mothers are on the same shoes. You're not alone."

"never forget to always forgive yourself for not being perfect."

"Even if you dont have a helper, u will get use to it.. and when u will have one u will also be independent this time as well. So enjoy your situation.. and so i wish u well!"

Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla started dating back in 2011, but they broke up in 2014.

They were back in each other's arms in September 2016.

By late January 2017 the couple got engaged.

They have a son named Alas Joaquin who was born on August 4, 2017.

KAMI thinks that Kylie's sentiments are perfectly normal since being a full-time mom is not an easy job!

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Source: Kami.com.ph

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