Bati na nga ba sila? Diego Loyzaga come to terms with dad Cesar Montano: "I love my father."

Bati na nga ba sila? Diego Loyzaga come to terms with dad Cesar Montano: "I love my father."

- After the change of harsh words on social media, Diego ends the rage with his father

- February 2017 when the father-and-son quarrel happened

- Diego said that he loved his father and his dad loves him too

It is normal when a member of the family had a little misunderstanding with another family member. We all go through fights with our parents, or children or even siblings.

Due to anger, we can easily say hurtful words to someone even if we do not mean it. Then after a big fight, we will just realize that we hurt the one we love physically or emotionally.

That is what happened to Diego Loyzaga and his father Cesar Montano. KAMI learned that it was February last year when the rage between the two happened.

Diego expressed his anger on his Instagram account towards his dad. He puzzled many of his fans when he threw tact out the window and suddenly went after his father, actor Cesar Montano.

In a series of Instagram posts, the 21-year-old Loyzaga called Montano a liar and a hypocrite, and attacked his dad for rejecting him when he was young. But according to him, it is normal to have a misunderstanding with your parent.

"We’re okay naman. Nagkaroon lang kami ng kaunting problema.

"Pero ang ama naman at ang isang anak, we’re blood. Kadugo ko siya.

"And no matter… whether we like it or not... and I’m not saying we don’t, ha, kasi alam ko matu-twist-twist na naman, pero I love my father.

"And I know that he loves me." Diego said.

He also shared that they are already talking with each other and in good terms. They also greeted each other last Christmas and New Year.

Diego Loyzaga is a Filipino actor, model, and video jockey. He is known as one of members of the male group Kapamilya Cuties. He was the son of Teresa Loyzaga and actor Cesar Montano.

KAMI believes that all of us make mistakes and deserves forgiveness.

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