Fire destroys candy factory in Navotas

Fire destroys candy factory in Navotas

Firefighters are struggling to control a fire that was burning for at least eleven hours before they could arrive on the scene.

The three-storey building that was ravaged by the fire is owned by Columbia Foods Factory in San Rafael, Navotas City. It was a candy The flames started last night at 10:08pm on the ground floor of the building, and only at 9:37am the following day was the fire declared under control.

The flames quickly spread throughout the building, and only thirty minutes after the fire started it already warranted a fifth alarm. When the fire grew more intense, the alert level was raised to task force echo just a little past 1:00am in the morning, especially because LPG tanks were also stored in the three-storey warehouse.

Task force echo is part of a call code for fire trucks, and it is the fifth alarm in a seven-step fire alert level system. It calls all firetrucks in metro manila to be present on the fire scene.

While firefighters encountered difficulty in extinguishing the fire due to the narrow streets, the volunteer firefighter group TXTFire announced that the fire was finally put out at 1:04pm today.

No one was reported to be injured or dead because of the fire because of the observance of Labor Day. The cause and extents of the damage to the property have yet to be determined.

The Columbia Foods Factory contained boxes of chocolates, biscuits, powdered juice, candy, ingredients for making candy, and plastic wrap for the candies. The Bureau of Fire Protection believes the blaze may have been caused by faulty wiring.

Factory fires are uncommon in the Philippines. The last recorded factory fire was on May 15, 2015, and it hit a footwear factory in Valenzuela City, suburban Manila. The fire killed 72 people, and it exposed abusive conditions for millions of poor and desperate workers across the nation. It is also recorded as one of the Philippine’s deadliest workplace accidents.



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