Car gets covered in piles of trash after illegally parking in dumpsite

Car gets covered in piles of trash after illegally parking in dumpsite

- An SUV got covered in a mountain of trash in Baguio City

- The car was left in the designated garbage-collection area

- The barangay captain said they did not encourage residents to cover the vehicle in trash

It's a rubbish lesson to learn for this car driver when he decided to park in a street in Barangay East Quirino Hill in Baguio City.

Little did he know that the space he chose to park in was the residents' garbage collection area!

The townspeople leave their trash there every Sunday night to Monday morning. The pile of junk will then be picked up by the garbage truck.

But when the residents saw the silver vehicle parked there, they decided to teach him a lesson and continued putting their bags of trash around and even on top of the car!

According to a report by ABS-CBN News, this is the second time that a car parked in the area. It is not clear if it was the same car.

The same report by ABS-CBN also interviewed the barangay captain, Eric Ueda. He said they did not encourage the residents to cover the car in trash.

He also added that they prohibit parking of vehicles there. He said they also posted a sign about it.

According to Ueda, they did not receive a complaint from the owner of the vehicle.

"What we received is 'yong nabasa natin sa Facebook na nagsabi 'yong kakilala na aminado naman siya na siya 'yung may kasalanan," said Ueda.

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