BB Gandanghari releases second part of her emotional open letter

BB Gandanghari releases second part of her emotional open letter

- BB Gandanghari went viral yesterday after admitting to facing struggles as she pursued her dream of becoming an actor in Hollywood

- Today, she released the second part of her open letter

- It turned out that there is light at the end of the tunnel for his dream

After the first part of her open letter about her struggles went viral, BB Gandanghari has released the second and last part on social media.

KAMI learned from BB’s Instagram post that she had to hold two jobs and work double shifts in order to sustain living in Los Angeles as she pursued her dream of becoming a Hollywood actor.

However, the letter reveals that there is light at the end of the tunnel for BB:

“Part2: an Open letter... Struggles are Real! It is at this time too, that discrimination as a transgender on job opportunities is not just a hearsay, but a sad and unfortunate reality, as I urgently sought employment to support a life, a DREAM.

“There are few options and I’m willing to do them all, believe me. Survival, indeed, is an instinct, bec my instincts dictated so. Survival mode, I used to remind myself every time I would feel weak and out during this process.

“LA living is far from cheap... double job/ shift I’ve realize is the only way to go. I did just that. So in the middle of crazy work hours, I worked on my headshots. And as soon as I had them, I wasted no time on sending them out.

“I got some callbacks, for sure, but nothing really came out of it after some few back and forths. Then came The Brogan Agency’s call. They scheduled my interview in 2weeks and I thought, 2weeks?... oh my, feels forever!

“By this time, my day job schedule is already taking a toll on me... badly. Not getting enough sleep, long physical work hours, no day offs, really do weaken even the mighty. And mighty I am definitely not.

“This was also the time when missing work bec you’re sick is not an option. A character defining moment I would tell myself... haha... just so I can keep going.

“I have reached out to people closest to me for support, in all aspects that’s for sure, but even that seemed to be not as accessible.

“Emotional support at this time proved to be the most vital. Fall2017 marked my transition into becoming an auditioning actor when I signed with @thebroganagency. Praise be to God Almighty, Jehovah.

“The great white ‘Hollywood’ way is finally within sight. So far, I have auditioned to some of the top network shows that I never thought I would ever have the chance to do so and went as far as being on hold for a role, I’m proud to say.

“2017, I will always remember as the year I finally come to terms with my whole BEING.

“It is also HEARTBREAKING as I see ‘Both Sides Now’ in regards to people’s, closest to my heart, belief and confidence in me.

“That I’m finally seeing the light at the end of this long and dark tunnel. So help me GOD.”

BB Gandanghari was formerly known as Rustom Padilla, a hunky heartthrob Filipino actor.

He also used to be married to actress Carmina Villaroel.

BB’s siblings include action legend Robin Padilla and Rommel Padilla, the father of Daniel Padilla.

KAMI wants to remind you that working hard and being perseverant cannot be avoided when you dare to dream big! Let BB’s work ethic inspire you!

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