Duterte at pamilya Marcos may kasunduan na?! Palace, Bongbong Marcos refute compromise agreement claims over Marcoses’ ill-gotten wealth

Duterte at pamilya Marcos may kasunduan na?! Palace, Bongbong Marcos refute compromise agreement claims over Marcoses’ ill-gotten wealth

- The Duterte administration denied that it had entered into a “compromise agreement” with the Marcoses over their ill-gotten wealth

- Former Senator Bongbong Marcos also denied the allegations concerning the agreement with the government

- Marcos lawyer Oliver Lozano submitted reportedly submitted a draft compromise deal to Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo

A new year has come but nothing seemed to have changed in the Philippine political arena. Latest reports said both the administration and the Marcoses refuted the “compromise agreement” claims.

KAMI learned that the Palace denied the claims over the Duterte administration’s “compromise agreement” with the Marcoses.

This was in connection with the facilitation of returning their ill-gotten wealth to the government. Presidential spokesman Harry Roque admitted that they have received a compromise deal draft.

Roque, however, clarified that they have not acted on the supposed deal submitted by Marcos loyalist and lawyer Oliver Lozano.

Roque also stressed that the government has not reached any agreement with the Marcos family.

“Atty. Oliver Lozano may have written to Malacañang proposing the creation of a legal team that would study a compromise agreement with the Marcos family,” Roque said on Monday evening.

“The proposal, however, has not been acted and agreed upon by the Palace,” he added, as per The Manila Bulletin.

Apart from the Malacañang, former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has also denied the allegations on Tuesday that they have any idea on Lozano’s proposal, ABS-CBN News noted.

Marcos also denied the agreement over the return of a portion of their family’s supposed ill-gotten wealth. The former senator also clarified that Lozano is not representing their family.

"The Marcos family has no knowledge or information on that apparent exchange and service of document between Atty. Lozano and the office of Sec. Sal Panelo," Bongbong Marcos said.

"As a point of information, Atty. Oliver Lozano does not represent any member of the Marcos family or the estate of the late President Ferdinand Marcos," he added.

Meanwhile, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo confirmed that Atty. Lozano had submitted a draft proposal concerning the return of the Marcoses’ wealth.

Panelo, however, stressed that no action has been taken on Lozano’s proposal.

"The document was sent to the office by Atty. Oliver Lozano," Panelo said on Monday.

"Our office as a matter of courtesy and policy acknowledges receipt of any letter coming from any citizen,” he added. “No action has been taken on Atty. Lozano's proposal."

Panelo added that Atty. Lozano had also submitted several proposals and suggestions. He said his office acknowledges the receipt and thanks the lawyer for his suggestions, Rappler reported.

The documents, which include Panelo’s reply to Lozano dated July 2017, were posted on social media, according to CNN.

Last year, President Rodrigo Duterte mentioned the possibility of reaching a deal with the Marcoses for the return of their ill-gotten wealth.

But Duterte pointed out the need for Congressional approval before the government could enter into a deal with the Marcos family. This is due to the involvement of a possible immunity grant.

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Source: KAMI.com.gh

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