Palasyo defensive sa bagong OCD appointment ni Faeldon?! Netizens ask why Duterte is rushing ex-Magdalo mutineer’s re-appointment

Palasyo defensive sa bagong OCD appointment ni Faeldon?! Netizens ask why Duterte is rushing ex-Magdalo mutineer’s re-appointment

- Malacañang defended the latest appointed of ex-Customs commissioner Nicanor Faeldon as OCD deputy administrator

- PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar said Faeldon will “prove his critics wrong”

- Several netizens have reaction Faeldon’s re-appointment to another government post

A new year has just begun but the controversies around the Duterte administration seemed to have not stopped at all. The latest concern is on Nicanor Faeldon’s appointment in the Office of the Civil Defense.

As Filipinos welcome the year 2018, Malacañang appears to be busy defending President Rodrigo Duterte’s appointment of former Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon.

From what KAMI learned, the president re-appointed Faeldon as the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) deputy administrator. The said appointment have raised eyebrows, especially on the opposition side.

The Palace, however, was quick to defend Duterte and Faeldon from critics.

According to Inquirer, Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said that Faeldon will “prove his critics wrong.”

“This is a chance for Commissioner Nick Faeldon to prove his critics wrong,” Andanar said in a radio interview. “This is his chance.”

Andanar also stressed that Pres. Duterte has “the prerogative to appoint people he believes will be effective in an agency.”

“That is a presidential prerogative,” Andarar stated. “What is important is Commissioner Nick Faeldon has the trust and confidence of our beloved President.”

“If you have the trust and confidence of the President, then you can serve the country,” he continued.

Andanar added that criticisms cannot be avoided since the Philippines is a democratic nation. Faeldon, however, is currently in detention for contempt of the Senate since Sept. 12.

Faeldon’s detention was due to his refusal to attend the Senate Blue Ribbon committee’s hearings in connection with the controversial P6.4 billion crystal meth smuggling scandal.

Even though the Senate recommended the filing of criminal charges against Faeldon, the Department of Justice (DOJ) absolved him from being involved in the narco smuggling case in November.

Despite his new appointment on Dec. 27, Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III stressed that the former Magdalo mutineer would remain detained until he cooperated with the senators.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque, on the other hand, said that the Palace will not interfere to the Senate’s decision. He added that Faeldon could perform his OCD functions while detained.

Meanwhile, several netizens have reacted over Malacañang’s defense of Faeldon’s appointment.

Some questions why the administration is seemed eager to re-appoint him to another government post. One commenter even said that the Palace appeared to be “defensive.”

“Why so defensive? Is that appointment not satisfactory that you need to justify several times,” MangyanSaBayan commented.

“Why the rush to re-appoint Faeldon to another government post?” commenter Felipe Torres asked. “Bakit hindi muna tapusin yung imbestigasyon bago kumilos ang Duterte administrasyon.”

“Malaki-laki yung 6.4 bilyon na shabu case,” Torres added. “Why can't they get to the bottom of this? Puro palabras at puro paporma ang ginagawa ng pamahalaang ito.”

Others also pointed out that President Duterte apparently has “zero-credibility” when it comes to cabinet members’ appointment.

One netizen also asked how Faeldon can prove his critics wrong if he is assigned to a different office.

“How can he prove his critiques wrong at a different office?!” user TUMBOKIN asked. “If he is incorruptible as what this Admin says then reinstate him as BUCUS chief!”

The report has earned more than 100 comments from the netizens and most of them questioned Faeldon’s credibility and appointment.

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