Nico Bolzico teases wife Solenn Heussaff for forgetting their anniversary

Nico Bolzico teases wife Solenn Heussaff for forgetting their anniversary

- Nico Bolzico called out Solenn Heussaff for not greeting him on the anniversary of their civil wedding

- Nico and Solenn first tied the knot in a quiet civil union in Argentina in 2015

- Solenn said she felt her real wedding was the Church wedding in France in May 2016

Nico Bolzico is the funniest celebrity husband. His antics on Instagram are always going viral, especially when he plays pranks on wife Solenn Heussaff.

On December 30, Nico posted a very sweet message for Solenn to commemorate their second wedding anniversary.

But of course, being Nico, he couldn't help but tease his "wifezilla" for allegedly forgetting their anniversary!

His caption started out sweet: "Two years ago we came out of this building after signing the most important contract of our lives! In the picture, our faces stilled in shock, but it was the beginning of something unique! Until today I can not believe you chose me as your partner in life and I promise to work everyday for you not to change your mind!"

He posted a photo of him and Solenn coming out of the court building.

He then turned prankster as he teased Solenn: "This is a super sweet message for our 2 year anniversary of our civil wedding, something extremely relevant for any couple, and I know you forgot about it, but it is ok, I understand, just add one dot next to the "Wifezilla owes Nico" list, I will see what I can exchange it for," wrote Nico.

Not to be outdone by her naughty husband, Solenn posted her own sweet message and a witty comeback to Nico's accusation.

Solenn wrote: "Mi amore! Two years ago today it rained on the scariest and most memorable day of our lives. You are the best partner in life I could ever ask for! Hurry and come back home so we can celebrate. Also, I don't need to add a dot on the wifezilla owes Nico list because of the time difference. Lol Te amo tanto!"

Solenn and Nico are spending the holidays apart. Nico is in Argentina with his family, while Solenn is spending Christmas and New Year in the Philippines with hers.

The couple got a private civil wedding in Esperanza, Argentina in December 30, 2015. They had 250 guests, mostly family and friends from Nico's side.

It was meant to be a quiet and smaller gathering, but Nico's family turned it into a party.

In an interview with PUSH, Solenn said she considers her Church wedding in France to be her real wedding.

"When I got married in France in May, I shared it with all of you. I felt like that was my real wedding, in front of the eyes of God," said Solenn.

The SosBolz wedding in France and the events leading up to it was one of the most followed celebrity weddings of 2016.

It was attended by many of Solenn's celebrity friends, including now-sister-in-law Anne Curtis.

Solenn is a French-Filipina artist, model, actress, and painter. Nico is an Argentine businessman.

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