"Transformers" are coming to life in Japan as real-life folding cars get ready for sale

"Transformers" are coming to life in Japan as real-life folding cars get ready for sale

- A car company in Japan has already received 30 orders for their transforming car

- The tiny vehicles can park in narrow spaces because of its ability to fold itself

- The car was designed by the Japanese artist who created the robots series "Gundam"

It looks like the "Transformers" movies are coming to life in Japan!

According to a report by GMA News Online, a Japanese car company is gearing up to sell the Earth-1 fold-up electric car in March 2018.

The company Four Link Systems has already received orders for 30 units, priced at US$ 70,000 or an estimated Php 3,499,000.

The shape-shifting car is perfect for Tokyo's small parking spaces.

"Extremely tiny vehicles can park in narrow spaces. We initiated our project to fold a car and transform it into something smaller to help with the concept of reducing parking spaces," said Hiroomi Kinoshita, president and chief executive officer of Four Link Systems.

In a report by Reuters, Kinoshita said they want to attract people who don't buy cars and encourage them to start driving.

"So we developed a vehicle which makes drivers feel as if they're steering something that's not a car... a robot-inspired shape that makes people feel like they are operating a robot while driving," said Kinoshita.

According to GMA News Online, the company is still applying for a permit to allow the Earth-1 in Japan's highways.

Once they receive their permit, they will start selling the cars in March 2018.

They expect to sell 300 units every year.

The groundbreaking car is designed by Kunio Okawara, the artist who created the transforming robots of the anime "Gundam".

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