Sunshine Cruz’s daughters take the side of their mommy

Sunshine Cruz’s daughters take the side of their mommy

Last weekend, the daughters of Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano have been vocal on social media on supporting their mother.

A few days ago, an interview with Cesar Montano stating that Sunshine Cruz is hindering the children from seeing him have surfaced. Many have commented that Cesar might not have been a good father for not being able to win the custody battle, which is the sole reason for not being able to see his kids. The 53-year-old actor hit back on his bashers and clarified the issue by posting a photo of him holding checks and receipts as proof that he is a good father. Cesar decided to post this photo to prove that he is paying for his children’s tuition fees.

Amidst all these issues, Sunshine Cruz has stayed strong. She might be alone in parenting, but her kids are with her throughout this new hardship.

Sunshine posted a photo a few days ago with the words: “There is no such thing as a perfect parent so just be a real one.” This post might be an indirect hit on Cesar Montano to just be real and be honest by not twisting the truth. In this photo, her two kids, Angelina Montano and Chesca Montano expressed their support for their mom.

Angelina commented: “The three of us are always here for you mommy no matter what. Stay stay strong, the three of us know that you want what is best for us. We love you mommy! ❤️”

Chesca also took the side of her mother in this current issue: “Thank you so much for always standing up for us mommy and thanks so much for doing anything just to protect us, just remember that we are always here for you and that we will stand up for you too ? Love you mommy ?❤️”

How will Cesar Montano respond to this news?




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