Cool si daddy! Ian Veneracion reveals that fatherhood is still his top priority

Cool si daddy! Ian Veneracion reveals that fatherhood is still his top priority

- The actor Ian Veneracion is not only an ideal husband but also the coolest dad

- He shared how he is as a father to his kids

- Ian Veneracion chose not to stick to the conventional image of fathers with iron fist.

Dramatic actor Ian Veneracion revealed he treats his kids like peers. A perfect example of a dad to millennials, Ian revealed he and his kids share the same hobbies.

In an Interview with Manila Times, KAMI learned about how he is as a father to his three kids.

“I am kunsintidor with my sons,”

“But with my daughter wala akong laban, kayang kaya niya ako,” he laughed. Siya yung bully. Pero with my sons, I can’t help it, kunsintidor talaga ako,” he added with a grin.

He even allow his kids to drink liquior but in moderation.

“They are allowed [to drink]because it’s something they have to go through growing up; it’s a stage.”

He and his kids even tried extreme sports and Ian encouraged them to be adventurous.

“Mahilig ako sa outdoor sports at palagi ko silang sinasama. In fact, a month ago, I went to Sagada on a motorcycle with my son. Tag-isa kami ng motor, and kwentuhan the whole time,” said Ian.

Even his youngest son started to ride a bike and is allowed to ride just within their subdivision. His only daughter owns a motorcycle too.

Ian was married to Pam Gallardo in 1994. Despite having a very promising career, he stressed fatherhood remains his top priority.

Ian rose to fame in 80's as the handsome son of Joey de Leon in Joey and son.

He had Draco, his eldest son when he was 24.

He takes pride in the kind of relationship he has with his kids, Draco, Deirdre, and Buccio.

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