Netizen's complaint about ordered lechon baboy goes viral

Netizen's complaint about ordered lechon baboy goes viral

- A netizen posts photos of lechon baboy without ribs

- He paid P5,000 for the said lechon

- The incident happened in Negros Occidental

A netizen took to social media to complain about the lechon they ordered during Christmas.

The lechon was delivered to them, but as they were about to have their noche buena, they discovered that it was hollow.

There were no ribs or any other bony structure.

What contributed to the form of the pig were stuffed leaves.

This was posted by Clint Anthony Lim on Facebook.

As reported in PhilNews, Lim discovered that the lechon was very thin.

As per Lim's post, they ordered it from Milagros Lechonan, known previously as Roming's Lechonan.

His post was:

“#Milagros Lechonan formerly Roming’s Lechonan at circumferential road #Never again #Para aware ang public kung ano ka baldog Lechonan nila!!!”

Many netizens reacted, considering that the said seller chose Christmas to dupe the poor guy.

Another netizen posted: "Hala bisan nipis o niwang man ang baboy, may ribs gid na ya, ay nano indi nako ya dhay pag istirtahi kay may babuyan ko bala, bisan wala kami gabaligya letson, mga idik ya ginabaligya, idik gani may ribs, ano ayhan kung leletsonon na nga size, ay ambot na lang sa langaw…”

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