Dakilang ama! A new dad inspires netizens for being unselfish when it comes to his wife and newborn child

Dakilang ama! A new dad inspires netizens for being unselfish when it comes to his wife and newborn child

- A netizen praised a new dad as he help his wife with their baby while eating at a restaurant

- They were surprised to see that there are still selfless dads out there

- The post garnered thousands of shares and reactions

KAMI learned that there are still good dads who thinks of their wife's needs before theirs. Viral4real recently shared this inspiring


Being a mom has its own hardships. Carrying a child for 9 months is no joke. And it does not end there, as new mothers have to tend to their children until they can do things on their own.

While most of moms seeks help from others, some mothers expect their husbands to be the one to help them. Even the littlest thing from their husband is a huge help for them.

Sadly, most of the fathers believe that it is the mother's job to do all of this stuff. Making it much harder for many moms.

But a netizen noticed one new dad while eating in a restaurant. The man became a gentleman and a good husband to his wife while they ate.

Knowing that his wife was having a hard time taking care of their baby while eating, he voluntarily cut her food for her. But as the baby won’t stop crying, he eventually took the baby to let his wife eat freely.

"Stolen" photos of the family were posted on Facebook page Student Secret Files where it has garnered thousands of reactions and comments from people whose hearts were captured by the loving father.

"Thumbs up kay Kuya �

Na touch lang ako sa scene na to.

Bagong parents siguro sila.

With one little baby, nag eat out kaso nagtantrum si baby.

Si Kuya, huminto sa pagkain, hinimayan ng pagkain si ate habang pinapatahan si baby.

Hanggang sa kinuha na ni kuya si baby para ihele para makakain si ate.

May mga lalaki pa palang kayang iprayoridad ang pangangailangan ng babae bago ng sakanya.

Take note: ang mga babae maraming hirap yan. Mula sa panganganak, hanggang sa pag aalaga sa anak at pati na rin sa asawa. Minsan talaga huling huli na ang sarili. Kaya ikaw lalaki, kung may chance ka para ipakita na mahalaga sya, paki grab! Maliit na bagay pero napakalaking kasiyahan!

Disclaimer : sorry sa stolen shot.


#MenDoCareToo" , it captioned.

KAMI believes that there are many amazing dads out there!

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