Bea Policarpio clarified that her sister Ica did not participate in the '48-hour challenge'

Bea Policarpio clarified that her sister Ica did not participate in the '48-hour challenge'

- The 17 year-old Ica Policarpio was declared missing last Thursday, December 21.

- Ica was found in San Pablo Laguna, Saturday morning, December 24.

- Bea Policarpio released a statement on her facebook that her sister Ica, did not participate in the '48-hour challenge'and that what happened to her is not a prank.

KAMI learned from Rappler that Ica's disappearance was because of 'deep emotional distress'and not because of some 'challenges' on social media.

"The reasons for her distress are numerous and honestly, private," Bea wrote.

The '48-hour challenge' surfaces once again online after Ica was found '48 hours' after she was declared missing.

This challenge is very alarming wherein teens are suggested to disappear then they will come back to their families safe and sound as if nothing happens after '48 hours' or 2 days.

Ica's family assured the public that they are "doing everything" to make sure she receives the "medical attention and emotional support" she needs.

They also defended Ica from negative social media comments, and that what happened to Ica will create awareness especially to parents about mental health particularly the teens.

"At this point, she does not deserve our blind judgment and hate....If there's anything positive that we hope can result from this experience, it is to raise awareness about the stigma of mental health and the growing culture of hate which unfortunately exists in our country's cyberspace, and collective mind space," Bea said on her post.

Meanwhile, the Policarpio family is also grateful to all the people who supported them in search for Ica.

"We would also like to publicly thank the netizens who pointed our way to Ica. All our major leads resulted because these courageous individuals had seen our posts on social media, recognized my sister's face, and contacted us," Bea said.

Bea is Ica's sister who posted on social media about the disappearance of her sister.

KAMI believes that everything will be fine in its perfect time.

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