Blind mystic made predictions about two important events in 2018

Blind mystic made predictions about two important events in 2018

- Her past predictions have included such events as the September 11 attack on the New York Twin Towers, the rise of ISIS and the Brexit vote

- She is well known to those who follow conspiracy theories who have given her the name Nostradamus from the Balkans

- She died in 1996 leaving behind many predictions including two major events which are supposed to take place in 2018

Mystic Baba Vanga who shuffled off her mortal coil 1996, aged 85, left predictions extending as far as the 51st century when she said the universe will end.

Many put a lot of faith in her predictions believing she correctly foresaw 9/11, the rise of ISIS and the Boxing Day Tsunami as well as political developments like the Brexit vote result.

Her predictions about 2018 are the ones people are speaking about most at the moment. One of the events she said will take place in the year 2018 is the balance of power in the world shifting from the west to the east with China overtaking the USA as the major superpower globally. Some might even argue this has already happened.

Her other prediction for 2018 could be a game changer for technology and the world as we know it. She predicted that a new form of energy will be found on the planet Venus.

KAMI learned in a report online that in July 2018 NASA is set to launch the Parker Solar Probe which plans to investigate the outer corona of the sun harnessing the gravity from Venus and researching how solar wind creates energy which heats the plasma surrounding the sun. That sounds about right, doesn't it? Remarkably similar to a 'new form of energy' that Vanga said human beings will discover.

Vanga has said there will be an end to world hunger by 2028, and that we will experience the ice caps melting by 2045.

Her predictions have included human life on other planets including that the Mars colonies will become nuclear superpowers by 2256 and finally that our home planet, Earth will be unable to sustain life from 2341.

In comparison to those future headlines, 2018 looks pretty tame.


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