Goodbye, overseas junkets! Netizens react on Duterte’s travel ban announcement, ask if ‘free-loaders’ traveling with Digong are also banned

Goodbye, overseas junkets! Netizens react on Duterte’s travel ban announcement, ask if ‘free-loaders’ traveling with Digong are also banned

- President Rodrigo Duterte announced on travel ban on government officials on Thursday

- Duterte also fired several government officials due to frequent overseas travels

- Some netizens reacted to Duterte’s foreign junkets ban and asked if it also include the so-called “free-loaders” of the administration

President Rodrigo Duterte is once again making headlines following the announcement he made on Thursday regarding the overseas junkets of government officials. However, some netizens have interesting reactions to the ban.

KAMI learned that Pres. Duterte is disallowing the members of the executive branch to travel abroad starting Jan. 1. However, the ban does not cover Filipino diplomats.

According to Inquirer, Duterte requested for a review of the travel records of the officials in the executive branch. Those who were found to have traveled overseas monthly should vacate their government positions.

“There will be no travel… let’s go on a starvation diet on that,” Duterte said during his speech in Davao City.

The president stressed he only want the government officials to be available to serve the public and not absent because they are traveling abroad using the taxpayers’ money.

Prior to the president’s travel ban announcement, he had previously announced his plans on firing several government officials for frequent travels abroad. In fact, he ordered the commissioners of the Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor — Joan Lagunda, Noe Indonto and Manuel Serra Jr.

Duterte also fired his partner, Honeylet Avanceña’s cousin Melissa Aradanas, Urban Poor Commission head Teddy Ridon and Development Academy of the Philippines president Elba Cruz, who reportedly traveled overseas once monthly in the past three months.

Despite President’s Duterte’s good intentions, some netizens can’t help but ask if the travel ban also applies to the administration’s so-called “free-loaders.” In the comment’s section of Inquirer’s article, some pointed out if PCOO Asec Mocha Uson, RJ Nieto, Carmen Pedrosa, Nic Gabunada and Ramon “Mon” Tulfo are also banned to be part of the delegation during foreign junkets.

Some also took notice of the number of participant of the Russia delegation, which was reportedly 300, and the 400-pax China delegation in 2016. Some also criticized DFA chief Alan Peter Cayetano and his group during their U.S. visit.

“Does that travel ban include Mocha, Nieto, Mon Tulfing, Pedrosa and other free-loaders?” commenter Keef Riffhard asked.

Another also commented, “Go ahead and review your own Russia junket, where almost everybody joined, ignoring intelligence reports on Maute, leading to the Marawi disaster.”

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