Naalala niyo pa ba siya na isa mga naging 'Darna'? Anjanette Abayari shares her new adventure in the US

Naalala niyo pa ba siya na isa mga naging 'Darna'? Anjanette Abayari shares her new adventure in the US

- Former Pinay actress Anjanette Abayari who is now living in the US shares her new adventure.

- At present, she is getting ready for her 30-minute show 'AJ's Adventures'

- The show will focus only on Southern California.

KAMI learned from PhilStar that Anjanette is trying almost everything, from new show to a new lifestyle in the US.

“It will feature places to go to because Southern Cali is so big. It will be one part tourism, then we will have an advice segment on beauty and wellness (as well as) lifestyle. We will also feature personalities and local businesses,” says Anjanette (also fondly called AJ),

AJ became popular in the Philippines for her portrayal as the iconic 'Darna'.

The Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 1991 also wants to highlight the Filipinos in Southern California in the show and then eventually expand it to bigger and higher markets.

"I might get a local celebrity as a co-host, I want to make it interesting and different every time,” she added.

Currently, AJ is the client care manager in charge in a company called 1 Health Care Giving Services, a private home care and medical company that started 14 years ago.

AJ also mentioned about her 2 sons, Aden who is 10 years old and seven-year-old Ashton who are growing up really fast.

I want to slow down their growth if I could. They are doing great in school — Aden is up to 93 percent off his grade level in the whole nation and Ashton is in the upper 90 percent. Ashton is into sports while Aden is into the arts and he wants to be a software developer. He’s only 10 but he asked me if I could send him to a coding school for summer,” shares AJ.

She also said that Aden once asked her if they could go back to the Philippines. She answered,

“I’ve been wanting to do that for so long. In the US, it’s normal to have a former Wonder Woman do a cameo, so ‘yun ang gusto ko,” AJ says with a laugh. Watch out, Anjanette is coming back in 2018 for a commercial or maybe a cameo in a movie.

Anjanette is a former actress in the Philippines and also the Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 1991. Unfortunately, because AJ is not a Filipino Citizen, she was replaced by Maria Lourdes Gonzales.

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