Consistently inconsistent?! 7 political statements from Alan Peter Cayetano that turned into blatant ironies

Consistently inconsistent?! 7 political statements from Alan Peter Cayetano that turned into blatant ironies

- Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano contradicted his own statements and other government officials this 2017

- Cayetano even contradicted with the PNP and PDEA

- Cayetano said the Philippines was open to any foreign aid but Duterte had rejected the idea

Veteran senator Alan Peter Cayetano is currently the top diplomat in the Philippines. But despite his important position, Cayetano is often criticized for giving out contradictory statements.

President Rodrigo Duterte appointed Cayetano as the secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on May 18. Since then, KAMI observed that the 47-year-old politician-turned-plenipotentiary has made foreign policy or political statements that contradicted him and other government officials.

So, listed below are 7 political statements that Cayetano made, which unintentionally became blatant ironies in foreign policy, as noted by Rappler.

1. Cayetano’s statement on PNP’s drug war deaths reports

During an Al Jazeera interview dated Oct. 6, Cayetano was quoted saying there were 3,800 Filipino drug dealers killed in Duterte’s drug war campaign.

The Philippine National Police (PNP), however, said those who were killed were considered suspects who apparently resisted arrest, and yet proven drug dealers.

2. Cayetano’s statements on “microphone diplomacy”

Prior to his oath-taking as DFA secretary, Cayetano sworn against "microphone diplomacy," saying he will talk less at the DFA. He also stressed on May 10 that “diplomats should not engage in microphone diplomacy.”

Unfortunately, many of his political contradictions were made through the microphones.

3. Cayetano’s statement on China’s threats over South China Sea dispute

On May 22, Cayetano refuted the claims that China threatened the country with war over the South China Sea dispute.

“My interpretation in the meeting is that there was no bullying or pushing around,” Cayetano said. But Duterte said that President Xi Jinping has threatened him with war if the country “will force the issue of the arbitral ruling on the South China Sea.”

“Well, we are friends,” Pres. XI stated, as quoted by Pres. Duterte on May 19. “We do not want to quarrel with you. We would want to maintain the present warm relationship. But if you force the issue, we will go to war.

4. Cayetano’s statement on the comparison between the Philippines and Singapore

On Sept. 8, Cayetano denied that the country was as safe as Singapore or Japan because of the administration of Pres. Duterte. He stressed that the press and detractors misquoted him.

But in his Sept. 26 privilege speech, he clearly compared the Philippines to Singapore.

"It's not perfect,” Cayetano said. “In fact, the President very candidly said he needs another 6 months, but let us be honest with ourselves, it is happening.”

“The Philippines is becoming more like Singapore in terms of being able to walk the streets at any time at night," Cayetano added.

5. Cayetano’s statement on the estimated number of illegal substance users in the Philippines

Another inconsistency on Cayetano’s statements was his claim on the number of illegal substance users in the country. During his UN General Assembly speech on Sept. 23, the diplomat said that 4 to 7 million Filipinos are using illegal substances such as methamphetamine or have become dependents to illegal substances of abuse.

Duterte, on the other hand, said the maximum number was at 4 million. While the PDEA estimated the number at 4.7 million.

6. Cayetano’s statement on EU aid

On Oct. 25, Cayetano released a statement that the Philippines is open to any foreign aid, considering there are no conditional ties involved. But just a few days before the senator said that, he already stated on Oct. 19 that the country was rejecting all kinds of grants from the EU.

The rejection was reportedly a directive from President Duterte and Cayetano was tasked to relay the decision to EU Ambassador to the Philippines Franz Jessen.

7. Cayetano’s statement on the monetary “offer” from the U.K. to DFA

On the same day that the senator said that the Philippines was rejecting the help from EU, Cayetano also made a statement that the he was “checking” the $18-20 million offer from the United Kingdom. But Duterte claimed that he refused the offer.

Unfortunately, the DFA had already denied Duterte’s claim on Oct. 13. In fact, the department stressed that there was “no new offer” from the Brits.

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