Ipon Goals! Family's savings for one year filled up two entire beds

Ipon Goals! Family's savings for one year filled up two entire beds

- One family is inspiring netizens with their collective savings

- After one year, their savings grew so much they were able to fill up two beds

- Some netizens, however, cautioned them against displaying their wealth in public

Every start of the new year, tips and strategies to save money easily go viral as netizens pick the "ipon challenge" they will take for the rest of the year.

Well, as 2017 ends, one family can finally start reaping the rewards of their hard-earned savings.

Facebook user Abby Sarmiento Mendoza posted on December 20 photos of her family's entire savings for the year and it got people immediately talking!

That's because the bills and coins Abby and her family collected were so many they filled up two big beds!

Based on the design on their glass money bank, the family was saving up for travel expenses and a house.

Abby did not indicate in her post how much they were able to save, but it is safe to say it is a significant amount, judging from the wads of P1,000 bills.

Abby's original post has drawn thousands of shares and reactions from netizens.

While some netizens praised their accomplishment, others said they shouldn't have posted the money online.

There were also advised to take precautions against burglars and thieves now that they have shown they have a lot of money.

The original post has now been deleted from her account.

Source: KAMI.com.gh

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