Trillanes: “Duterte can easily have me killed”

Trillanes: “Duterte can easily have me killed”

Alanganin ito para sa akin, pag naging presidente iyan, he can easily have me killed.” (This is uncertain for me. When Duterte becomes president, he can easily have me killed.)

These were the words of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV in an interview with Radyo Inquirer. He explained that his actions really placed him and his side in an unstable position, because if ever the presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte does become President of the Philippines, he could easily order the death of the senator.

Plans on how his death should come about is apparently already underway, with a campaign sortie of Duterte revealing how the Davao City Mayor has already threatened to kill him.

When asked about the controversial information he received about Duterte, he revealed that he received it last April 21, 2016.

He acknowledges that it might have been better off for him to have stayed silent, but he believes his duty to the country and its people as a senator was a higher obligation.

“Napakadali sanang tumahimik na lang ako at sumipsip ako sa kaniya . Pero, kaya ako inilagay sa senado ng publiko dahil naniniwala silang kaya kong tumindig at titindig ako laban sa kaniya (Duterte),”

(It would have been so quick for me to just stay quiet and suck up to him. But the reason why I was placed in the Senate by the public was because they believed in my strength to stand up for them, and I will stand up for them, against Duterte.)

He also promised to never back down against Duterte.

The senator reiterates that it’s very simple for the mayor to prove his allegations wrong – all he needs to do is open his bank accounts to the public, as well as its transaction histories.

Trillanes pleads Duterte supporters to see for themselves the inconsistency behind their president’s words and the ugly side of his personality.

Sa mga supporters ni Mayor Duterte, pagmasdan niyo ang kaniyang pag-uugali, pag-aralan niyo pananalita. Kapag nanalo ito, anim na taon tayong magsu-suffer.”

(To Mayor Duterte’s supporters, look at how he really is as a person, study his words. When he wins, we will all suffer for six years.)



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