Nakaka-iyak! Filipino pilot surprises his OFW parents by flying them home days before Christmas

Nakaka-iyak! Filipino pilot surprises his OFW parents by flying them home days before Christmas

- Juan Paulo Fermin share a video of his surprise to his parents

- His childhood dream of flying his parents home was fulfilled

- His parents were shocked as they don't know that he was the pilot in their flight

KAMI learned that a Filipino pilot stepped out in the cabin this week to make his parents’ trip back home extra special days before Christmas. The Filipino Times previously reported about this. More than any other holiday, Christmas is a sacred time for Filipino families.

It’s the time for love, generosity, and forgiveness, a special occasion to bond with your families, which is why several Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) try their best to fly home for Christmas.

Juan Paulo Fermin says his childhood dream of flying his parents home has “taken form”. In a heartwarming video posted last December 18, Fermin can be seen walking down the airplane aisle with a bouquet of red roses.

He approached his mother who doesn't have any idea that her son was one of the pilots in their flight. Surprised, his mother cheerfully exclaimed “Hala! Anak ko!” upon meeting the pilot, and then the two shared a tight, lingering hug.

"It’s interesting how dreams take form – like when a sick loved one prompts a young man to become a doctor, or being with kids who haven’t had the chance to read and write inspires one to teach; as a child, to me it was pretty simple: I wanted to fly my parents home.

Today, after 16 Christmases apart – and unknown to my parents, I was actually part of the crew that was flying them home for Christmas.

It’s been a wonderful year for me - a year of dreams turning into reality, and this is definitely the cherry on top. Thank you, Philippine Airlines, for this amazing opportunity.

Have a merry Christmas, everyone." he captioned on the video.

Philippine Airlines, the airline that Fermin is working for, shared his video with a caption that reads, “Nothing warms our hearts more than reuniting families so that they can spend the holidays with the people they love the most.”

Fermin’s video has been viewed over 700,000 times and received over 27,000 reactions.

KAMI was truly touched by this heartwarming Christmas story!


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