Confessions of an OFW mom: Ang paghihirap at sakripisyo ng isang ina sa ibang bansa para sa mga anak sa Pinas

Confessions of an OFW mom: Ang paghihirap at sakripisyo ng isang ina sa ibang bansa para sa mga anak sa Pinas

- Zenaida Escala Doronila shared what she went through as an OFW and as a single mother of three

- Zenaida shared how addiction to illegal substance affected one of her children

- Zenaida stressed a mother’s obligation to her children does not stop even when they already have their own families

Overseas Filipino workers are considered modern-day heroes because of the sacrifices they make for their families back home. But in spite of having better opportunities abroad, OFWs (especially parents) often face family crises concerning their children, just like what our letter sender wrote to KAMI.

Our letter sender, Zenaida Escala Doronila, is a 47-year-old single mother of three who is currently working in Saudi Arabia. According to Zenaida, her only wish is for her children to live a comfortable life.

Due to that dream, Zenaida pursued a career in foreign lands such as Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and Syria. Even though looking for jobs was not that easy, she did not lose hope and was became so determined to look for decent employers.

Fortunately, lady luck could be on Zenaida’s side as she found good-natured bosses. She never experienced any maltreatment, abuse or hunger.

Just like other OFWs, however, Zenaida admitted that she has no enough savings yet. For her, it is already enough to make her children happy by giving them anything they want (perhaps, this is Zenaida’s way to make up for the times she did not spend with them).

Zenaida’s reason may not be acceptable to all but it is understandable and relatable, especially to most parents. However, she faced a major dilemma when one of her children became addicted to illegal substance methamphetamine.

Her child’s addiction was also the reason why she got sick and now have heart problems. Zenaida explained that it was her second child’s addiction to meth and to his peers that pushed him to sell their house and the appliances she had worked hard for.

Luckily, her two other children grew up to be good-natured individuals. Even though she lost everything she had worked hard for to her second child’s vices, she’s lucky to have the support of her other children.

Despite having their own respective families and children, Zenaida continues to support them by sending money back home. But it was her eldest child who spent his mother’s money wisely.

In fact, Zenaida revealed that her eldest child already bought a tricycle and a bungalow house filled with furniture and appliances. Her youngest child, on the other hand, does not know how to handle his finances well.

Even though it is quite hard to fight against the challenges of life, Zenaida remains optimistic and determined to support her children. After all, she believes that a mother’s obligation does not stop when her children are all grown up and have their own families.

“Patuloy pa rin ako kahit may mga pamilya na mga anak ko,” Zenaida wrote. “Patuloy pa rin ako tumutulong sa kanila, ganyan ang ina hindi napuputol ang obligasyon sa mga anak, mahal na mahal ko sila, kaya ako andito sa ibang bansa dahil sa kanila.”

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