Mag-ingat daw sa scam! Xian S. Gaza posts ‘Bitcoin scam expose’ video online

Mag-ingat daw sa scam! Xian S. Gaza posts ‘Bitcoin scam expose’ video online

- Xian Gaza who became famous for his billboard ad asking Erich Gonzales out for coffee once again makes something that made netizens notice him.

- He posted a video an exposé on the 'Bitcoin mega scam' in the Philippines.

- Read the full story below.

Tagged as the 'national scammer', Xian S. Gaza's video which according to him is about the ‘Bitcoin scam‘ is making rounds in the internet.

KAMI spotted a video posted by Xian Gaza.

He explained that the video was posted on his official page after instructing someone to post it for him for he boarded the plane and flew out of the country for his safety.

He also said there is 5 M bounty on his head which was put out by a ‘certain syndicate‘

‘He started with this opening lines.

“If you are watching this video right now, it means na na-upload na siya ng admin ko as per my instruction. And at the moment nasa loob na ko ng eroplano boarding, getting out of the country para magtago muna because I have a 5 million pesos bounty on my head, dead or alive, by a certain syndicate.“

Xian revealed his reason for exposing the scam online instead of bringing it to the authorities. According to him he feared that the issue might kept secret if the authorities are also involved.

He continues, “In this video I won’t be talking about bitcoin as a market, as a crypto currency, or as a global trend or as an investment. What I’ll be talking about is the mega scam behind it here in the Philippines by a group of people. I will show you later how this scam works. Uhm, bakit hindi nalang ako lumapit sa authorities? Ipakita sa kanila or gawin ‘tong exposé na ‘to? Because I’m afraid na baka ma-conceal lang and hindi lumabas ito because you know money matters.”

Watch the full video below.

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