"I feel really great." Wil Dasovich posts an update about his cancer journey

"I feel really great." Wil Dasovich posts an update about his cancer journey

- Vlogger Wil Dasovich gives his followers an update on his health.

- The internet celebrity shared he is nearing the end of his chemotherapy and is feeling great.

- He also shared he is willing to do another cycle of chemo but might do him harm. Find out his whole statement below.

Wil Dasovich shocked the netizens with the news about his cancer.

After being hospitalized in the Philippines for quite some time, Wil decided to go to back to San Francisco to have a thorough check up.

He broke the news about his diagnosis in August this year. The vlogger stayed positive and wishes to inspire other people despite his condition.

KAMI learned about Wil Dasovich's video updating his health condition from PUSH.

He recently shared that his chemotherapy which is on the 9th cycle is nearly done as it will be finished on January if the scan is good.

"I'm gonna be done [with chemotherapy] by January if the scan is good."

Though he is willing to have another cycle so as to clear the cancer cells, this might damage hi nerves so he said he will just wait for the result.

"I feel really great. One of the things that got me through this whole process is feeling like you're worth something and feeling you're productive like you're still productive and able to do stuff," he said.

Watch the whole video below.

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