Cesar Montano slams Trillanes; defends Duterte

Cesar Montano slams Trillanes; defends Duterte

Cesar Montano is one of those celebrities who have chosen to cross over to politics. This May 9, he is once again involved in the elections through his party list Aangat Tayo.

According to Cesar, “Ang advocacy nun, nasa health and education. Actually, ang acronym niya ay sinama rin sa acronym na healer. Health, Education advocacy for youth, senior citizens, and women. And L is for livelihood and and E is for environment and R is for religious freedom.

“Multi-secular ang kanyang approach.”

He shares that their campaigns are going well.

Nakakaikot naman ako, okey naman. Kasi, ang nag-founder nito, Seventh Day Adventist. Seventh Day Adventist ang mom ko, e. 'E, ang Adventist, 1.8 million na sila. Kung magyu-unite na sila, pasok na pasok na talaga.”

(I’ve managed to get around, it’s all okay. The founder of this, is a Seventh Day Adventist. There are 1.8 million of them. If they unite, we’ll really be able to win for sure.)

Dreams of public service

Cesar has spent many years in the pursuit of his dream to work as a public servant.

Last 2007, he expressed his desire to have a seat in the Senate under the TEAM Unity coalition.

In 2010, he ran for the position of governor in Bohol, his home province.

He was unable to push through both times.

When asked if he can’t just leave politics, he replied:

Oo, e. Konektado kasi. Nandun yung passion ko sa mga outreach programs ko like feeding, pagpunta, pagtulong sa mga kabataan. Meron nga kaming advocacy para sa mga batang may cancer, mga kababaihan dito sa East Avenue na may cancer. Every Christmas yun, kapag may golf tournament, sila ang beneficiary.”

(Yes. This is connected, you see. There lies my passion for my outreach programs like feeding, helping the youth. We already have an advocacy for youths with cancer, the women here in East Avenue with cancer. Every Christmas, the proceeds of the golf tournament go to them.)

Duterte is my president

When asked about his presidential candidate, Cesar proudly announced his support for Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

“Duterte all the way to the max. Wala na akong nakikitang mapipiling iba. Siya lang ang nakikita kong may sinseridad, may makikita tayong pag-asa. Yung iba—ewan ko ba. Eto nga, nakakahiyang dinadaya yung eleksiyon na nangyayari sa abroad. Iba ang lumalabas.”

(I don’t see any other choice. He’s the only one I see with sincerity, the only one who can give us hope. The others – I don’t know. It’s embarrassing because the elections are being rigged abroad. Different results have been counted.)

Cesar also believes that Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV’s expose on Duterte’s alleged hidden wealth is merely black propaganda. He added that Trillanes was ordered by the administration to bring Binay down as well, and his accusations now should not hold any water.

Unang-una, noong una, inutusan siya ng administrasyon na siraan si Binay. Yun, naging successful, pero si Binay, on the other hand, talaga namang may katotohanan ang paninira niya. Pero hindi naman puwedeng gawin na lang, 'Tutal talo na naman ako, manira na lang ako.'”

(First of all, he was ordered by the administration to bring down Binay. It was successful, but for Binay, on the other hand, there really is a measure of truth in it. But this shouldn’t just become about ‘I’m losing anyway, might as well bring people down with me’)

The root of corruption

Cesar is one of the well-known Christian celebrities in local showbiz. Through the lens of his faith, does he believe Duterte is a competent President?

He clarified: “Okey, dito kasi ang pinag-uusapan dito, it’s not about religion. It’s not about... well, konektado rin ‘yan, but ang pinag-uusapan natin dito, bayan. Ang root of all ng paghihirap natin is corruption and ‘eto si Duterte, siya ang hahamon dito, siya ang may balls para ihinto ito, e.”

(Okay, what we’re talking about here, it’s not about religion. It’s not about…well, they’re connected, but what we’re really talking about here is our country. The root of all our misery is corruption and Duterte, he’s the only one with balls to challenge it.)

The actor revealed that he also favored Sen. Grace Poe. However, he believes she would eventually be swallowed by her alliances and the people around her

Lulunukin siya nang buung-buo. Actually ngayon lang, she sounds like Chiz Escudero already.”

(They will swallow her whole. Now, she sounds like Chiz Escudero already.)

Vice presidential candidate Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and the administration have yet to react to Cesar’s perspective on the elections and the recent issue on Duterte.


Source: Kami.com.ph

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