Vilma Santos and son Luis Manzano want the 'gift of time' this Christmas

Vilma Santos and son Luis Manzano want the 'gift of time' this Christmas

- Batangas Representative Vilma Santos-Recto and son Luis Manzano revealed what they really want for Christmas.

- The two are not into material things as Christmas Presents.

- The mother and son consider Christmas as the season for family.

KAMI learned about this mother and son Interview about Christmas from Inquirer.

Star for All Seasons, Rep. Vilma Santos-Recto, admits that because of her busy schedule, she has not prepared any gifts for her loved-ones.

“I haven’t started preparing anything for gifts yet,”

“I’ve been very busy. I need to finish first my work and activities in Congress and in Lipa, Batangas.”

She, however, is easy to please when it comes to receiving gifts. “I don’t want anything expensive. Simple gifts like hankies and towels and cotton pajamas would be greatly appreciated.”

It's very obvious that the Star for all Seasons really wants to have extra time for herself and for her family.

For 2018 she wants more peace and prosperity for the country.

"I am hoping for a more positive 2018 for everybody. It seems many people are angry these days. Let’s just continue to support and inspire each other, instead.”

Meanwhile, Luis wants the 'gift of time' more than anything else.

It’s easy to shop for material things, but to spend quality time with your loved ones is the best gift you can give to them,” he remarks.

When asked what will be his specific gift for Mom and Girlfriend Jessy,

"Wait, what do my mom and Jessy want to achieve?” he joked.

Luis appreciates the presence of each family member during Christmas.

Every Christmas, we all get to sit down with our extended family—including the families who have taken care of us for so long.” Such special moments are “very rare,” he points out.

Recently, Luis shared on Instagram the sweet text messages of his parents Ate Vi and actor Edu Manzano.

KAMI wants to remind you that Christmas is a season of giving, of love and a time well spent with your loved ones.

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